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Arrival At Chiang Mai – Part One!

After an exhausting 12 hour VIP (loosely used) bus from Bangkok, Scotty and I finally arrived in Chiang Mai. The bus ride was the bumpiest one yet and I was adamant that the bus driver was nodding off at certain moments but that could easily have been my paranoia and lack of decent sleep telling me this. There was two stop off on this journey to Chiang Mai, one after around 5 hours at some ropey supermarket/deli counter arrangement whist the other was at an Esso garage where I had to grab a water due to my extreme dehydration (which I still believe was from my 3 day bender in Koh Pangang). The bus didn’t provide blankets like the first bus from Bangkok to Koh Samui provided and it was apparent after 3 hours that the air conditioning was so cold that nearly everyone on the bus was at a hypothermia risk! But anyway it got us there on time and dropped us off to an open back taxi which gathered 10 of us to take to what we could only assume at the time to be the centre on Chiang Mai.

We were taken to the Nice Place guest house and made to sit down at the large rectangular wooden tables where we were then asked ‘tea or coffee’. If you’re interested I took a coffee which was very nice and Scott took a cup of piss water which was the tea- needless to say he had coffee envy! Oh and these were on the house. A little smiley Thai guy with more energy than the entire table combined pulled out a rugged overused laminated map of Chiang Mai and its surrounding areas to talk us through in his broken English, the options which were available to us with regards to trekking and other related/unrelated activities. Everyone was bolloxed and was struggling to take in what he was offering haha.

After this 30 minute onslaught, are cups were dry and we decided to group together with three other people (An Australian called Sean Killham, and two Irish girls called Grainne Ginty and Ciara Duffy). We all knew of different places which we had been told of so decided to pursue them around Chiang Mai with no sleep, sweaty clothes and a smile. It was a great time to get to know each other and have a laugh at the same time. Scotty and I were informed of Little Bird guest house whereas the others knew JJ’s and Julies, so with these three names in mind we went on another little hike! It was around 9am in the morning at this point and humidity was high, the sun was also breaking through and attacking Scott’s already sun beaten man child body ;).

We found them all in around one hour and the prices ranged from 80 baht each for a dorm housing 6 people right the way through to 250 baht for a single room with a fan. All had Wi-Fi which is great and of course of paramount importance to us being able to produce this travel blog.

Buuuttttttttt, when we arrived back we were too tempted by the lure of the pool at the Nice Place guest house and wangled a 100 baht a night deal for a 5 bed family room. It was game on and ideas were flying about as how best to spend the rest of our day (which had only just begun). Keep your ears to the ground for what happened after that.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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