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Arrival At Chiang Mai- Part Two

The second part of our first day in Chiang Mai consisted of chilling out, eating and hanging by the pool. We spent a good hour getting to know each other a little better and brought out the mini boom box from our new ‘family’ bedroom to blast out some epic tunes and ill rhymes! Well that’s what we think of them anyway, I’m sure others would have their doubts ;). The pool was so welcoming and it’s temperature was cool and that my friends was exactly what the doctor ordered when you have sleep deprivation, sweltering heat and sticky humidity.

Aussie boy Sean turned to me and fancied his chances at taking me on at the table tennis- now at this point it’s essential for me to tell you I’m shit at table tennis, I play about 3 times every 5 years but it was still good enough to take the cock sure Australian out of the equation (so Sean if you read this matey you will never forget 21-18- get practicing sunshine and we’ll do it again in 5 years!!). Next, was the local guy that worked at the Nice Place guest house (who once again was a David Beckham fan and decided to change his name to David) who fancied his chances at a game of pool (10 baht)! The result…He dicked me…So I gracefully declined another game and spent the next two hours in the sun by the pool and the two after that messing around online catching up with friends and family whilst the others snuck in a crafty 3 hour power nap!! A jealously rage was brewing inside of me!…

So with yet more hours of no sleep we tackled the local weekend market to check out an array of brightly coloured clothes and some absolutely amazing food! The night was officially on! So armed with absolutely no money I managed to take on a squid tentacle with Scotty which was about a foot long and a bargain at 50 baht. The sauce that was provided was stupidly hot and destroyed my mouth for a good 10 minutes afterwards. The variety of food was insane, beef, chicken, pork, crab, octopus, shrimps and much much more all doused in spices with varying levels of heat to accommodate all palettes and tastes. As a chronic foodie I would highly recommend the Chiang Mai weekend market as there really are so many varieties of foods and cuisines. This is also the same night we picked up the cheap malaria tablets which I know Scotty has already talked about. The night ended early at around 10pm as we were all shagged, so we headed back to the abode and got our heads down for our first experience in Chiang Mai. Night guys…

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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