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Back In Bangkok Baby!

So I had my curry for breakfast after dragging Scotty with me who was only after a bowl of cornflakes. I had an epic portion of the red curry which I had had previously in Bangkok; it was a place I had been before but needless to say it didn’t fail me…

During this meal we discussed whether to go to shop in Khaosan Road or to go to MBK (Mall Bangkok) which basically holds everything under the sun. We took a ropey tuk tuk to MBK as it happens for 100 Baht which was half the price of what the rip off taxi driver offered us. Know your haggling skills or be patient because a better offer WILL come along. We arrived at the massive hyper market and proceeded to the metal detector which we really weren’t expecting…of course we both went off but we clearly weren’t armed! The mall was ridiculous and completely out of our league. The phrase ‘small fish in a big pond’ sprang to mind almost immediately. After almost an hour of being completely disorientated and confused we realised that we had only purchased a travel adaptor which unfortunately was Scotty’s purchase so instantly I felt like a twat and I really needed to get at least something in this gigantic place. My inferiority complex had well and truly kicked in! So in haste I purchased some knock off Ray Bans, Billabong shorts and two distinctly average vests! What a knob. Although they have replaced a few items in my bag and added semi cool points to my name…

After being lost in the ridiculous mall we got another tuk tuk to Khaosan Road for the same price and the heat was on for me to buy a stupid trilby hat which I would look like a dick in. I found it, looked like a dick, and I’m still wearing it now on this VIP bus down to Krabi as I write this…What a tool. And if anyone’s wondering I am sharing an ear phone with Scotty Dogg listening to Sean Spillane ‘Patient Satellite’. Right now this song is the only thing making me look remotely cool. Anyway, after the trilby incident we decided to go to a bar and shoot some pool, and if Scotty says he won then he’d be a massive massive liar. I destroyed him three times and for some reason I became a god with the cue. Call it trilby, call it looking like a weapon, call it what you like but this boy was on fire and it took a further 7 games to knock me off the table, but unfortunately it was Scotty who did it, but to be fair he is a lot better (maybe in past games but not for this day) than me. I’m still stunned now but hanging my head high just to piss off Scotty. We had to leave shortly after this, so as I watched Scotty trip over his bottom lip on the way out of the bar we got our shit together and showered up, not together though haha. The game was on and we listened to some random tunes in the room, packed our bags which had managed to explode in only one day and headed for the Krabi meeting point! 7/11 was calling my name so as a weak person I swaggered over there, got a beer for us, and we just sat and drank until our guide for the bus arrived. I’m on the bus now as you already know so until next time good night, god bless and keep the dream alive!!!

Thomo  zzzzzzzzzz

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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