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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Today was the market and as the name would suggest it is on a Saturday and a Sunday. We have to admit we were pretty worn this day following our partying first few nights and were getting through the morning relying on a cool shower, a couple of pain killers and as much water as you can humanly take on. We were once again lucky enough to have our new found friends and guides, Jesus aka Neil and Amanda, who not only dragged us out of our sweat pit, clothes explosion room, but took us to the correct bus. To get there we took the number 2 bus from Phrasumen Road, which is only a short walk of say 5 minutes from Khosan Road. We took a little detour on our way and went down Chakkra Phong Road which not only has a vast number of flags lining the road but allowed us to witness a women pissing on the street. This is however not the norm, so don’t be put off and think this is common place…..had she not have been old and homeless I think Thomo may have stared longer than his already questionable 55 seconds.

I’d guestimate (not a fan of that word) the bus took around 30-40 minutes, but there’s no good asking Ian as once  again his ability to randomly narc out on transport, with some added help this time from Valium, meant he slept for half of it.

The Market itself is huge, perhaps only because we are market novices, but all the same it has it’s own map which can be found sporadically throughout. There are stalls after stalls which loop around and cut through in such a way its easy to get lost. Had it not been for Ian’s poodle haircut (added to by the humidity), my hobbling about, Amanda’s large dreds and Jesus’…….well, looking like Jesus, we may all have got lost. With this in mind creating a meeting point is a good strategy and there is a large monument within the market which is ideal.

The stalls have everything you could want, all types of clothes from fake designer underwear to Pashminas, hats to sunglasses and Skirts to Sarongs, but be careful when purchasing a Sarong as you may open it to find it is a skirt once you’ve bought it…but it takes a unique kind of man to still like his new garment purchase!!!!!!! Among the clothing you will find all other manner of good, including technology (“Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see… But I still love technology” – for the Napoleon Dynamite fans out there), toys, gifts, pets and fresh food, although in my slightly more ever increasingly painful state I didn’t manage to find a music stall to check out some guitars, but I’m thinking I might be best waiting until I’m out of Bangkok and would be more likely to find something unique. The pet section is great to take a look at, theres loads of little puppies to play with and stroke and some more obscure pets like chipmunks and things I didn’t even recognise! The quality is all really good and a great place to pick up some cheap items. So if you plan to buy anything and you think you might go to the market, wait to go there and remember to barter, they will usually come down quite a bit in price and it drops even more if you buy more than one item.

I don’t know if it was or not, but Ian is sure we walked past the women from the film ‘Catfish’. If you don’t know the film I’d recommend watching it, or failing that if you are as lazy as me just type her into Google images. Whether it was her or not, we stalked her down the street for a while, cos what else can you do!!!!

There is a bus station a short walk from the market where we caught the number 3 bus home but I’ve got to warn you this bastard takes forever, and can be over crowded and hot, but for 12-20 Baht (24-40 pence) it beats an ever increasingly annoying and much pricier (around 200 baht – £4) tuk tuk drivers (not a clue how to spell them) who constantly badger you…..so like medusa or a frisky lady boy….never make eye contact.

Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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