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Chiang Mai Jungle Trek Part One

As part of our time in Chiang Mai we decided to do a jungle trek, mostly because the hostel we were staying at offered us a really good deal. This included getting a room for 100 baht each a night (£2) and the trek for 1100 Baht (around £22). This not only included the activities, but also lunch for 2 days, dinner for the one night, breakfast in the morning and a bed in the jungle.

On the first day we were picked up at 9:30am and taken to a butterfly and orchid farm. To be fair I wasn’t really that bothered about seeing this but the orchids were actually pretty cool (the butterflies not so much as it seemed there were only about 5 floating around). Pretty much everyone we meet and make friends with along the way ends up making a joke about me and Ian being a couple, so what better setting than a bench in front on some beautiful flowers to get engaged, so that what we did. I of course got down on one knee as this officially makes Ian the girl of the relationship, don’t worry there are defiantly photos of this coming.

From here we went on to a local market, not the biggest place but it did have some pretty good bargains, Thomo picked himself up some ‘six stars’ trainers (fake converse) for around 230 Baht (£6.60) and I got a rain jacket for 70 Baht (£1.40). We also took the opportunity to buy a few essentials such as insect repellent (much needed for the trek), water, alcohol and mixers…….what more could you want.

The next part was starting the trek itself, but not before having a quick bite to eat. It’s a pretty cool experience to be sitting on the edge of the jungle whilst using giant leaves as mats to sit on. The trek took around a couple of hours and made for some great banter…….I’ve never seen someone so ungraceful with the difficult terrain as Grainne (it was hilarious) and someone get attacked by bugs as much as Ciara (seriously she is like some sort of bright light to the bugs and acts as a good repellent to those around her!!!!) We managed to see a pretty disgusting looking spider, some bugs which should definitely not be able to fly and even a little snake in the rice fields we passed. If you ever wanted to see some of the sweatiest people you’ve ever seen, the trek is the place!!!

On arriving to our camp we were more or less straight into the elephant ride. I don’t want to put anyone off here but this was not for me. The elephants are made to walk up a ridiculous trek (steep and unsafe), one elephant looked like his leg was wrecked and to make it worse, Ian and Sean’s elephant stopped to piss and the little prick who was driving the elephant (he worked there) stuck a massive hook in the elephants ear and made it go mad with pain….almost causing Ian and Sean to dismount (or should I say fall out). So basically if you are a bit uneasy with this sort of thing I’d recommend you check out the sort of elephant trek your going on, as some are actually a lot nicer and are retreats for the elephants and no cruelty!!!

After this we were then given time to get washed up before having a pretty decent meal around a giants table with all the other travellers. Couple of beers, good food and great company, can’t complain. The evening led into a few drinks around a camp fire, a weird rope trick (couldn’t explain this even if I wanted too) and a shit load of card games. I couldn’t really go past this part without giving Sean some props here, he is an Aussie we were sharing a room with along with the girls, what a great guy and somehow managed to end up with a huge amount of nick names, including Dundee, Paul Hogan, Ostriker, jewel of the Nile and any other crap we could think of.

So part 2 will follow shortly and we managed to get a load of photos off the girls so these should get on at some point.

Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. still dont understand why people “enjoy” trekking…..;-)