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Continued Randomness In Bangkok, Thailand

Ok so get off this bus with all the funky smells and are on a random pavement literally swamped by market sellers with a lot of unusual looking fruits and an abundance of things to eat on skewers. I’m not gonna lie I was frigging ravenous and my first piece of food was a weird sea urchin type creepy looking thing which Amanda had just bought a bag of.

With me being a food junkie I couldn’t possibly turn this down and instead took her hand off for it and I think I had three!!! It was spikey and shades of purples and pinks in its appearance so for me I didn’t know what I was doing with the bloody thing and had to rely on the help of Amanda and Neil. Basically you pierce it somewhere in the middle of the fruit using both your thumbs which was a struggle for me because I’m a massive chimp and the spikey rubbery skin is soon punctured. It’s texture was like that of a lychee to eat and it  was incredibly refreshing- So this fruit which I promise to find out, gets a Thomo rating of 9 out of 10 for appearance/aggressiveness and an 8 out of 10 for taste/unique experience. If you’re wondering about the price it was 20 baht (40 pence) for a bag of around 13-15 (each one was around the size of a large clementine). Oh yeah and don’t do what we both did and bite right into the stone which is hidden from tourists in the middle of the fruit – it WILL wreck your pearly whites and instead leave you with some rather unattractive peg like daggers!!(A bad look in any country).

Right, back on another mobile sweat box (bus) to Khaosan Road where we enjoyed the unique privilege of not paying the 12 baht which seems to be the going rate to go anywhere at any time on a bus! I think this was due to the fact it was rush hour and the chap that collects the money was tired, hot and an all-round  geezer who didn’t have the heart to charge a couple of funny looking uber-British ‘Joe Nobodies’. So this was our first experience of free public transport in Bangkok.

As I write this catch-up blog post I am watching Scotty Dogg watch a fish swimming backwards in a tank in our hostel. He has just turned to me and asked ‘Is this is possible?’ I said ‘I dunno mate but apparently so with this breed of fish’. So if you are thinking of travelling don’t do what we do and stare at the fish – you can do this at home!!!

Ah and I have to tell you about this hostel we are stating in. Obviously Neil and Amanda found this for us because we are useless but I have to tell you the price….wait for it….keep waiting……ok its 200 baht per night for 2 single beds in a room, a fan and one socket, now personally I don’t care what I stay in and neither does Scotty so we literally found our little slice of heaven. There are cheaper ones too kicking about in the grotty back alleys but it’s up to you. The ‘guest house’ as they call them which we are in is called the ‘Apple guest’ house and has everything you want from one. Pictures coming very soon and we will let you decide on whether you think this ludicrously low price is a steal or not!

If you want to play safe and book online you chould checkout either Hostel World or Hostel Bookers. If you’re staying for more than a couple of weeks then the cheapest option could in renting out someone else’s apartment or home. If this appeals to you then you should check out Air BnB.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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