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Defence, Ranting And Preparation!

I would firstly like to open with some statements of defence. This is in response to the drivel Thomo has bestowed upon the world with his ‘part 1‘ of some convoluted tat regarding Cottesloe beach. I can confirm the following:

  • Yes it took me 3 and a half months to finish a book that could be easily leafed through by a 12 year old – This was not due to my inept ability to read (I read at a comfortable 15 year olds ability) but due to an ever increasing lack of concentration and an ability to get bored in the shortest of time periods, about the same time Thomo likes to devote to foreplay.
  • Yes I was struggling to describe the character on the child’s shoes and in a vague attempt to wash over it I adopted the ‘slowly mumble and slur the words until they finally fade out and no one has noticed or remembered what you were talking about’……this did not work!!!! For those interested it looked like Jonny Quest but in some sort of weird green action/space suit!!!! Still no idea!!

I know none of the above really helps my cause and in fact it seems to have only confirmed Thomo’s convictions, but I feel I needed a bit of a defence! Maybe my brain is dwindling due to lack of creative processes, but with my new super cool book, which will undoubtedly take a year to read, and a plan to try and play some music in Vietnam, we shall see.


Anyway, Thomo seems to be on some sort of blogging/power trip at the moment, having left me a note this morning telling me of all the things he has done and being creative with wording as to try and make it sound, not like he is giving orders, but in fact giving a polite nudge to me to ‘be as productive as him’. I think reading back over the number of blogs submitted since arriving in Perth it has eluded him as to the fact we have both been doing around the same…….and as a side bar, putting smiley faces on everything does not make you less of a nob’ed. Before this turns into a back and forth of insults I’ll leave it there, he knows I love him really……he also knows i don’t like being told what to do……probably why he does it, little bastard.

I haven’t really got much to write about really as most of the happenings up to this date have been talked about. I am in the process of sorting things for Vietnam and as such I have got myself some more travel insurance. I went through www.travelsupermarket.com and ended up getting 2 months insurance which is Worldwide Excluding USA and Canada. This came to the pretty decent sum of £37.43 through Fluid Travel Insurance – www.fluid.co.uk

I have priced up some bits before going, such as antihistamines, and the prices here are shocking. They wanted $14 for a pack containing about 10 tablets, something that would usually cost around £3 back in the UK ($5). So as we did with the malaria tablets for Thailand (and will be doing again for those) we will wait until we get there and go to a local pharmacy and stock up on anything we need. With regards to suntan lotion we might actually get this here first as it was quite expensive in Thailand before, costing around £7 for a small bottle, where as it is around £5 for a big bottle here.

There’s not really much else to add so I’ll leave it there. Any other preparation we do I’ll be sure to blog.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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