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End Of…..

Right, so the date for leaving is ever closer and the preparation is slowly trickling to a head. Final vaccinations are booked, all be it for the same day I leave at 2pm, followed swiftly by a National Express bus at 3pm from Bristol bus station to Heathrow terminal 3. As far as I can tell the only thing that isn’t yet in place (besides a serious lack of funds) is travel insurance.

I have trawled through the internet, using sites such as moneysupermarket.com, Confused.com and the post office. The general consensus is that it aint cheap. To get a years worth of cover for worldwide (excluding USA and Canada) is somewhere between £230-£330. I must however make clear at this point my insurance is perhaps a little different to some. I have to confess to an ailment on the forms otherwise it will make the insurance invalid if I have a claim. As I child I had Asthma, yep that’s right I was one of those awesome kids with a blue inhaler (not that I’d ever let anyone see me use it back then) which I have grown out of now and just really have some allergies to cat and rabbit hair, other than that I have no other problems but unfortunately as far as the insurance forms go I have to say I have Asthma. Having played with the forms and seen the difference between declaring this and not declaring it, it times like this I wish I could lye!!!!! The general difference is around £100, which I’m sure when I tell Ian will receive a response not unlike “Baaaassstttaaarrddd, unlucky”, always comforting!

Anyhow the new plan is to insure myself for Asia for 3 months and worry about Oz closer to the time, but for this I have yet to look into pricing, I have loads of time left right??!!!

So as per usual the whole thing hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I’m guessing the fact I still have a load of running around to do, such as flying back from Ireland and getting my stuff together, has led to this. One of the main things still sticking in my mind is the need to update/finish mine and Ian’s travel play list…….can’t travel without a good selection of music!

It has been a pretty chilled run up to leaving and I have my friends and family to thank for putting me up and feeding  me, It’s amazing how much money this saves!

Reading this back it’s just a lot of boring drivel above really but perhaps it’s useful or even insightful, but I’m guessing not. So I’ll leave it there and report back when something remotely interesting starts to happen.


Laters Scotty Doggx

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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