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First Night In Vientiane – Best Green Curry Yet!!

We have just come back from some much needed food in Vientiane and initially we were delirious due to a long day of travelling so almost stumbled into a café called ‘Rays’. It was Western and if I’m to stand any chance of getting my food intolerance back on a level playing field I have to get back into the Asian cuisine ASAP.

So as we wandered around a corner which looked like it held no promise, low and behold was an entire street dedicated to Laos cuisine all with the main coastal walk as a view! Now this is no exaggeration but I can’t help but order green curry as often as I can so this dinner sitting with me old mucker Scotty was no different. It was a knockout curry, loaded with taste and a much thicker greener sauce than Thailand. Easily the best curry I have had so far in Asia! I will get the name of the restaurant tomorrow so somebody can maybe agree with me one day ;). Scotty Dogg also enjoyed his fried pork and ginger with sticky rice so we were back in the game. The meal in total with a cup of coffee (which was also the best coffee I have EVER had), a water and a can of Sprite came to 67000 Kip (6.00 Gbp).

We continued to the coastal walkway and got involved with some loud music and a sea of people dancing before trekking on down a wide variety of market stalls which catered for pretty much everyone’s tastes. It was getting dark by this point so we took some night time photos and explored the bars and happening areas. We found a few bright lights so later on we will venture down there and get some names together of what we deem to be the best and worst, hopefully!!

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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