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Food Poisoning In Vang Vieng!

Well!! Where to start with this place…It has amazingly made Koh Pangang look like a lover’s retreat by quite simply being one of the craziest places I have ever been. I’m trying to write this post with the side effects of food poisoning in my system so it is extremely difficult to hit these keys.

Without sounding like a hypochondriac yesterday was genuinely the most terrifying experience of my life. To go from fine sitting at a restaurant to literally on Death’s door in a few hours was just the scariest moment. I’m lying in my bed at 5pm with Scotty in the bed next to mine and we were both going through similar symptoms of what we firstly thought was just a hangover. It wasn’t. Scott had ordered some beef fried rice at the restaurant whereas I had ordered a beef burger for the first time on my journeys. Ironically I only did this because I thought it was a safe bet when you have a delicate head. I also had two or three spoonfuls of Scott’s rice as I was still a little hungry.

So lying in bed for me (and I think Scotty too) it began with restlessness and feelings of sickness, and nausea began to creep in about 30 mins or so. Then the feelings of sickness were no longer sickness but instead regular trips to the toilet every 10-15 mins projectile vomiting! There was literally nothing left in my body after 2 hours so this was a prime time for my body to develop the shakes and for my mind, dizziness. It was at this point I turned to Scott and said something just isn’t right here so before I get too weak to move we should go out and find a hospital. This is exactly what we did, and eventually stumbled upon Vang Vieng’s only hospital, which believe me was like staring at a rainbow considering how I was feeling. It wasn’t clear how to go about talking to somebody but there were two small windows where you can imagine somebody should be working behind. There was also an emergency section to the right hand side which is reserved for people (I guess just like me) who don’t know what the hell is wrong with them and literally can’t take it anymore! Haha.

All the staff were eating food outside so I could only imagine the hospital was quiet or they were actually on a deserved break. Scott was great and did all the talking for me and got me placed into the emergency ward where we met a guy whose girlfriend had just fallen off her tube and cut her eye open on the rocks! Now to me this is a real emergency. The English was broken on all the staff members we encountered so it was extremely difficult to explain what the problem is, especially when you feel as bad as I did anyway. I was placed onto a blue table opposite the Irish lad’s girlfriend, who was surprisingly smiley due to her morphine concoction used in her drip. The doctor then proceeded to check my temperature under my arms, check my blood pressure and place a stick down the back of my throat – which was not the best thing to do when I’m trying my hardest not to gag!

30 mins went by with no doctor and Scott wandering around the room breaking into a sweat because of a) it was bloody hot and b)he was also ill (just more manly than me!). At this point my head was spinning so hard I just wanted to try and sleep on that little blue table!. The next part was the worst for me- The doctor came in with a needle to take some blood from me to further diagnose my illness. Anybody who knows me can vouch for my fear of needles and so like a little boy I had to ask for Scott’s hand, just like in the movies! I am not afraid to admit this as the terror of that tiny little needle was all too much for me. Another 15 mins passed with no idea what was going on, the girl with the split head was gone, and a new guy had appeared on the other adjacent bed to me. He looked in agony and was holding onto his side for dear life, which led me to believe that maybe he had broken a bone. I was wrong, his appendix had actually ruptured somehow during his trip. It’s a nice feeling knowing you’re in a hospital, even if there is a language barrier and I’m extremely grateful to all the nurses, doctors and Scotty who looked after me last night. I left with a bag of large green pills, paracetamol and some small yellow pills which we concluded were vitamin C pills. I was instantly sick four further times whilst Scott picked up the pills for me and also remember getting freaked out by a cat that looked rabid! Now as I don’t have my rabies jab this just added to the terror of my night!!Hands down this was the worst night of my life but still it is another story to tell on our trip! So my words of advice, don’t order beef fried rice or a burger, get to a hospital as soon as you have been sick more than once, drink as much water as humanly possible, smile if you get a chance and get a rabies jab just in case! On that note I’m gonna go and find a Wi-Fi spot so I can arrange to go to Australia to continue our trip and earn some money…


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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