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A cool bit of street art we found whilst wondering around Fremantle.

Fremantle Day Out…

The first thing we did when we arrived in Fremantle was to walk towards the market to look for this illusive t-shirt printing booth to hopefully get our new promo designs made up. The weather was great and the town was busy with crowds of people all enjoying coffee, alcohol (to run along with Oktoberfest)and the odd street artist who is usually located on the corner where the internal Fremantle market lies.

Street entertainer outside Fremantle market
Street entertainer outside Fremantle market

The street performer for the day was a crazy Aussie guy dressed in a kilt playing the bagpipes accompanied by a small sound system pumping out some rock beats. The combination of both sounds and this guy’s persona was awesome and I actually got some video footage of the whole event which I’m very glad I did, even if it did absolutely hammer the battery power on my camera. We watched the crazy bagpipe man for a couple of songs and wandered into the market. To our surprise the stall we were looking for was right in front of us sporting a wide array of slogans, some offensive and some quite geeky – you know the type with the red Indian chief and a wolf howling at a full moon! Pure Warhammer top!

The young girl behind the desk asked us what it was we would like on our tops which was our first awkward moment of the day. I challenge anyone able to describe what is going on in this photo (below) and she had quite a smile on her face thinking who on earth are these pansies! We can’t even tell you why we made this photo but that is what happens when you have a spot of alcohol in your system! After a few cheap laughs and me desperately trying to think of what I was doing with this fan she gave us a choice of prices and different variations on how the design would look.

Pissed up with a room fan in Bangkok
Pissed up with a room fan in Bangkok

We decided to buy are own tshirts from a place recommended to us around the corner called ‘Cotton On’ because the ones on offer at the stall were just a little bit too baggy for what we usually wear (especially me as I like a tighter top because I’m a poser haha). We found the shop after doing a couple of laps of a multi storey car parking facility because we are crap with directions and ventured in to land ourselves in the budget tshirt section. We bought two for $20 in white and to Scotty’s disgust and my welcomed surprise we picked up some low’v’ neckline tshirts. Scotty hates these because it means he has to use more hair removal cream on his porn star chest rug…it’s silly really I still have no firm answer as to why he doesn’t just rock the rug and go au naturelle :).

So 50% happy with our purchase we took them to the lady at the tshirt printing stall and she got to work. At a loose end and faced with hunger pains we went down central Fremantle like a pair of homosapians contemplating what to eat… Scotty remembered from a previous visit to Fremantle that the ‘Monk’ bar and brewery had German themed food and ales on to promote Oktoberfest and reckless drinking so this was our spot to eat whilst we waited for our tshirts. We were greeted by a girl dressed with a pinny and pig tails really pushing the look of the German barmaid and I have to say she nailed it.

Enjoying a pint of wheat beer and Scotty Dogg is on 'The Chief' at a steady 6.3%...At the Monk Brewery in Fremantle
Enjoying a pint of wheat beer and Scotty Dogg is on ‘The Chief’ at a steady 6.3%…At the Monk Brewery in Fremantle

Full of smiles she placed us on the table lying along the main road right slap bang in the sun…perfect. Although saying this the stalls which we were using were too small for school and we looked pretty odd only just being able to see each other across the table – seriously have no clue why these chairs were so small and it did make eating our food a little more interesting!

At this brewery for the day there was a weiner eating competition where you can sign up to eat as many of these cracking little sausages as you can in 1 minute. We contemplated the first round but had already ordered our very non German meal of fish and chips and squid. Although we did decide halfway through our meals that we would actually take on round two for a laugh. Scotty was bragging saying he could take me on at this no worries but I think he knows how to handle a good sausage in his mouth!

We signed up for the next round (or at least what we thought was the next round) and chatted about the following week.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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