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French Nelly’s Hotlist For Northern Thailand

As I write this blog I am sitting in a guest house in Bangkok called Roof Garden after enduring a brutal 22 hour journey with a hangover from Koh Pangang. I am catching up on some blog posts and on this one I would like to write word for word Nelly’s hotlist which she kindly wrote down for me in my little red book on the beach in Koh Tao. We are going to follow this list and leave tonight at 6pm from Bangkok near Khaosan Road and hopefully arrive in Chiang Mai at 6am the following morning.

So for you guys to share….Here it is 😉


Chiang Mai- called also the ‘Rose of the North’ or in French ‘La Rose Du Nord’

Little Bird guest House – 100 baht per night for a dorm room

200 metres from this place you will find the best smoothies and shakes ever!! The owner is called Athi. You just go into the market place in the front of the guest house. The shop stands directly across the road. EASY and AWESOME 😉 + two market days on the Saturday and Sunday.

Pai, great village (Peace and stoned) * You’ll cross the bridge at the top of the Pai River on the right hand side, the Bai Pai Resort, mini huts and cabins along the river, MAGIC!

Pai Canyon

Pemba Waterfall

From Pai…Possibly to leave for a freedom trip on Mae Hong Son Loop (road is 1095)

Pang Mapha (also called Sappong)…Caves of Tham Lod after the village of Vana Luang

Incredible village of Mae Lana surrounded by green lands and rice fields

*Mae Lana Garden Guesthouse (the only one in the village), cute huts. The owner is just so smiley and friendly…

From Mae Hong Son, you have to see the long necks village Bai Nai Soi (18km). Home stay in Matao’s house, come from my part and she’ll be so happy to welcome both you guys! I’m sure!!

Enjoy 😉

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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