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From England to Bangkok

As I write this I am profusely sweating every 20 seconds or so as the room fan in the downstairs area (which I guess could be considered as the lobby if it wasn’t for the fact that it also contained the showers, toilets, staff resting area, laundry and one random giant fish crammed in a lonely tank who has somehow learnt to swim backwards) turns through the room.

As to be expected from anything we do it has been an interesting start. I won’t go into too much detail about our time here in Bangkok so far as I believe Ian will fill you in on that and I wouldn’t want to bore you with repetition but I’ll say a little bit. We started with a celebratory drink fuelled few days, meeting some fantastic people and finding out all the great places to go. As it’s been a whirlwind pace 5 days it’s been hard to remember all the names but we have met Americans, Australians, South Africans and a fair share of British. As I had predicted I have been bitten to pieces and the bites have come out in large red blotches, but this is the norm for me, aka sick boy as Ian likes to call me. What is new is the fact that the little buggers have managed to focus on one foot and ankle causing it to swell up like some sort of weird obese plastic foot, photos will follow. I can’t walk properly so I am enjoying the welcome break to sit down and type, whilst all the while I can feel little sharps explosions in my foot/ankle…..I’d like to believe this was either the antihistamines or anti inflammatory at work, but my mind is convincing me that the bugs have laid eggs in there! I’ll keep you updated! Any hang up you have about hygiene will quickly go out the window if you are travelling on a budget…..this is something I’m adjusting too. We may only be paying £2 a night each (100 Baht) but there is a reason, so don’t go expecting air conditioning, wifi, en-suite room or any real mod cons…this isn’t a holiday, so if we wanted those things we would be paying over twice what we are now, which is still really cheap if you head down the back alleys, say around 250 baht each or £5.

So on to how we got here. Having both took the national express bus from our respective areas we arrived at Heathrow within minutes of each other, did the obligatory high aired hand shake clasp and hug, and proceeded into the airport, but not before I ripped Thomo for his hideous peach coloured skinny legged chinos which we too shit to even get away with at a fancy dress party.

I don’t think I can fully describe how unprepared we can be sometimes but turning up to the check in desk and being told we couldn’t get on the flight is a pretty good start. We were told a visa or an exit flight from Thailand would be needed as they might check this at the other end (spoiler alert: they didn’t) basically you can go for 30 days, then you have to leave and can come straight back in on an extended visa for 60 days at a small price, which I think is around £15.

Anyway we bought an exit flight to Laos which stung us for around £360 for two, but this is merely a formality as it is refundable at any point for a fee of £25. I couldn’t tell you if this is common place but I seemed to be with our airline, EVA airways. We haven’t done the refund yet so I’ll let you know how smoothly this goes. But as they say ‘every cloud’, and as it happened they had over booked economy class and we were bunked up to Elite class…..more or less just means more leg room and heightened sense of importance for two poor, immature nobodies like us.

Once through we went straight to a bar because there was no way I was getting on an 11 and a half hour flight sober. As  we had both contacted Orange and requested our contracts be frozen before we left, which you can do for a maximum of 6months, we weren’t too worried when our batteries ran out, but we had just enough juice to get a few more goodbye texts done.

As time grew nearer to board we made our way to the gate only to be greeted by the guy who sold us our ongoing flight, if you keep your eyes on the photos sections you will see us with him and our tickets!!!! Cool guy to be fair!

Once on the plane I started to shit myself. I’m used to Easyjet flights to Ireland and looking out at the wingspan on this flight didn’t make me feel much better about this thing staying in the air….it was much bigger than I had imagined, but I can only assume it’s size is what made it so smooth. All in all it was actually a really good flight for a non flyer and the fact that all you had to do was ring a little buzzer and get brought free Gin and Tonics was defiantly a bonus. Killing time wasn’t too bad, firstly watched 17 jump street, which obviously Ian fell asleep to, and then just some standard TV show like ‘How I Met Your Mother’, then the alcohol set in and it was a case of drifting in and out of sleep between meals until finally only being an hour away.

The pilot finished off his smooth run by randomly doing a figure of eight with the plane (you can see the direction of the flight on the little screen in front of you) and we passed the remaining 30 minutes with Ian guessing what temperature it was going to be every time it flashed up and I’d guess the altitude…..anyone who says we are not cool….here is your proof!

From here on out I think Ian will tell you most until how we got to this point so I’ll leave it there. Hopefully by the next blog entry our stomachs would have adjusted better to the local cuisine (it’s fair to say everything is moving through us at triple time) and my foot won’t have been eaten from the inside out.

Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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