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From Perth To Ravensthorpe To Visit Ashleigh (Friend From Home) ;)

The night’s sleep was a mixed bag really; the dorm in itself holds a variety of people, some travellers some odd bods and also the people who work and use the dorm because it is cheaper for them than to be placed further away for work. Many of the people using the dorms who stay in the bottom bunk bed will hand towels and drapes around their beds to section themselves off from the rest of the room to gain extra privacy which is fair enough. The lights go out whenever people turn them off so could be anywhere from 11pm onwards and the noise from the people partying or drinking outside will also keep you fidgety or wide awake haha. So basically last night I gained about 4 hours solid sleep and then woke up around 5am, which was an hour and a half before my alarm was set to go off. Unlike Asia where you perspire constantly throughout the day and the night, here in Australia where it is currently their winter, I am still drinking fluids like I did in Asia but not sweating. This has led me to become somewhat of a camel, storing my liquids for hours on end until I can’t hold them any longer. This has encouraged me to wake up at 4-5am for both my nights stay in Perth desperately needing the toilet which is a long walk away from my bed and also leads me to run the risk of waking people up- which I know I wouldn’t want.

So anyway, enough of my rant on dorms, I got up very early this morning and reached for my towel before heading to the showers to freshen up and brush my teeth. The shower is immense in all fairness so I spent a good 20 minutes in there dreaming of my cup of coffee which was coming up next. I finished up and made that coffee only to bump into Scott who funnily enough was up an hour even before me so I made him a coffee too and had some rather lethargic banter around the table in the sparse empty dining room. It wasn’t long before food came into our heads so we used the pack of ham we bought the day before from Woolworths and combined it with some Ryvitas which had been left lying around in the kitchen. There was no butter so the dryness of it all was quite hard core but then again beggars can’t be choosers as they weren’t my Ryvitas. Just to clarify, Scott ate just ham as he didn’t want to use the Ryvitas through moral principles…This is fair enough but I was starving and if I left my Ryvitas lying around in a hostel kitchen I wouldn’t expect them to be there in the morning ;).

We grabbed our stuff which we had packed the night before to save some time, stripped our beds and left it all at the reception on the way out. I’ll just take this opportunity to mention how many jobs there were going on the ‘Jobs Board’ in the reception ranging from yard clearing at $17 per hour to skilled mining work posters which encourage working holiday visa holders to go for. So there is an abundance of work in Western Australia from what I can gather so far.

We left the key behind and closed the door behind us at the Rainbow lodge before setting off on a 5-10 minute walk to East Perth Bus Station to catch our 8am bus for Ravensthorpe. The bus was there ready and waiting and it was probably the most punctual we had been the whole trip so we stared at random train memorabilia within the joint train/bus station. Scott mentioned when he went to the toilet that they had the blue lights in there to stop junkies finding their veins and shooting up so I had to go in and inspect. It’s true. It was amongst the seediest toilets I had been in in a while and you would never have guessed it from the train station itself. If you check the photos you’ll see the pics (There is even a ‘sharps box’ for used needles secured to the wall) and maybe you’ll agree that the toilet looks like somewhere from inner Glasgow!

We boarded the bus ready for our 7 and a half hour bus ride with Transwa bus service and I can’t say much more than ‘What a cool bus driver’. I had heard that bus drivers out here were particularly jolly and this one did all those comments justice- what a dude! The ride I can’t really say much about but it is a smooth one so far and I have seen quite a variation in scenery but once again I think it’s best to see the photos rather than me try and describe them. One good thing did happen though and that was that I realised I have a panoramic photo option on my camera so I made sure I took one or two photos using that bad boy. Any way we have just stopped for lunch so I thought I would use my free 20 minutes to write down my day so far…Scotty is in front of me eating a toasty and I have missed the boat! Shit!

In a bit peeps

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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