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Half Moon Half Toe!!!!!!

With a fairly decent hangover, or as we have been informed ‘Changover’, the day of the Half Moon party had arrived. Hair of the dog and a Burmese curry probably wasn’t the best way to start my day but I’m pretty sure it was the afternoon by the time we reached the restaurant/pool so it was a fairly guilt free breakfast!!! The Coral Bungalows isn’t exactly the traveller’s rest bite and its fair to say it was a bit of a party resort but as it’s the only one we stayed in in Koh Phanang we couldn’t tell you if there rest are any quieter. It has its own pool, which isn’t too bad actually, and made for a great night the night before at the pool party. As we were staying for the half moon and not the full moon the accommodation is a lot cheaper. We had 3 people in the room (one single and one double bed) and were paying 200 Baht (around £4) between us, this then went up to 600 Baht (£12) on the 28th. This is most likely because 1) it’s the day after the Half moon party and so they know that no one is going to make the check out time of 11am after that, and 2) because the closer to the full moon the more costly and more nights you have to stay.

The resort is a fair distance from the port / pier, taking around 20 minutes on the back of a truck, which is all good fun actually, unless you are coming back drunk from the half moon and your flip flop falls out the back…..R.I.P my right Sketcher, the left one misses you!!! Don’t worry though as our new Swedish friend Martin gave me what can only be described as 78 year old mans sandals, they are a pair of white socks away from making me the coolest late twenties guy in Thailand! Any way losing the plot here a bit, the ride to the resort was 100 Baht each (£2) and it is kind of remote so that’s how they make their money. Food was really good and very reasonably priced at around 70 Baht (£1.40).There is access to the internet and a small travel agent on site too so it’s pretty easy to sort out your next move.

I could go into great unnecessary detail over the pool party but all you really need to know is that there was lots of drunk people, a lots of music and some very questionable swimming, I’m pretty sure each of my Chang’s became 90% water within 2 minutes of being in the pool. It was wicked though.

So back to the day of the Half Moon Party. Having completed the curry beer breakfast we were greeted with the loudest drinking game we have ever heard, pioneered by scousers and what we think was a Canadian, or as Ian calls him “nice moustache dick’ed”. At first we weren’t really feeling this game as there was still a hangover and to be fair they couldn’t really have looked anymore like the stereotypical brits abroad, even if they got more sunburnt! I have never heard this game before but I’ll give you a quick rundown. Whoever starts (that’s who messed up before) is called Zoomey and to that persons left everyone get a number, all you do is shout out you number followed by someone’s else until someone messes up, but there is a ‘transcript’ to follow throughout, this is a follow:

“Oh fuck me up (then repeated by the group) x2, then Zoomey Zoomey (repeated by the group) then your number twice followed by another persons number. When you do eventually mess up you will defiantly know it as everyone yells at the top of their voice “you fucked it, you sucked it, you know that you love it, so drink mother fucker drink mother fucker drink” I’ll probably be alright never hearing this again!!!! I took a video so hopefully get this on at some point! To be fair thought they all turned out to be pretty decent (if not a little crazy) lads and they had some awesome banter.

The actual Half Moon party doesn’t really start until around 12am and to get there the taxi ride is 100 Baht (£2) and then entry in was 500 Baht (around £10). The venue is in some woods (I was clearly paying attention on the ride up) and is pretty much just like a giant outdoor rave with one large dj booth up high, a middle podium and lots of bars around. The music is generally all electronic but there are some older tunes done in an electronic style (remixed) which are pretty cool. The part goes on until 10am or realistically until everyone wasted, techni coloured, smiling person has left. The neon paint is great and before too long it you will have all sorts of crap written on your body, including people’s names, hand prints, trees, flowers and anything else someone’s chubby finger can muster up.

So I best explain where the title for this piece comes from. Remember the scousers drinking game earlier that night?!! Well it led to one of the drunkest looking guys you have ever seen, so drunk in fact that he managed to lose half of his middle toe. I have no idea how he did this but it’s quite an impressive feat………and to makes matter s worse he got pissed the next day (it was his birthday) and now has ‘Bangkok Baby’ tattooed down his leg in Thai…….so what did we learn?…….Chang is Bad……in the wrong hands.

Love Scotty


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Scotty…..you have me in stitches!!! Glad you guys are having fun!! BIG loves xxx

  2. Oh this is sooo funny – laugh out loud funny!!! Xxx