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Heading Back To Perth

As we are having an epic chill out session in Hopetoun in among all the bbqs and quad riding, we have started looking into finding some work. We had originally thought about heading to Adelaide as it would take us further along the South Coast towards the East so that once we had worked for a couple of months we would be getting close to places like Melbourne for when the weather started to warm up. As it happens there is no real easy way to get from Hopetoun/Ravensthorpe/Esperance to Adelaide without going via Perth, so the new plan is to look for work in Perth using the Gumtree website (this is pretty big out here for all sorts, from selling stuff, advertising your services and finding work).

Last night we had a quick look and found a Brickie looking for 2 labourers and so we have sent a quick email back and today we will begin our search properly. Ideally we are looking for something in the construction or farming industries, as they are approved as work that enables us to extend our visas by another year if we complete 3 months in these types of jobs. Now that I know this is a more solid plan I thought I would look up some nightlife that is more my cup of tea. I had an absolutely amazing time in South East Asia but one thing it was lacking was a good old bit of Rock/Indie music in the pubs and clubs. Maybe we just didn’t find them, but either way I think I may have struggled to get people to go to these place rather than the ones with big flashing lights, heavy beats and well known dance tunes. I love my rock music (among a load of other genres) and so this seems like a great opportunity to get to a more alternative bar/club and hopefully see some live bands, so I have started doing a bit of research on the internet. The first thing I have found is if you type ‘alternative bars Perth’ into Google you will be presented with a list of websites to do with gay bars. I’m not sure if the word ‘alternative’ is associated with gay bars or what out here but either way the best way to search is to actually type in ‘rock bars Perth’. Obviously if you want to find gay bars it’s probably easier to actually search for ‘gay bars Perth’.

One site I have come across so far is:


This it is a great resource for letting you know what is going on each night at a variety of bars, along with a little bit of info on each venue. If you scan through each venue you will quickly find the sort of places that suit you and then can focus on what goes on at these during different nights of the week. There are plenty of live music venues and all sorts of other manners of entertainment from poker nights, quiz nights and chase the ace nights.

Once we get to Perth and get some money together I’ll be sure to get a few reviews of some bars and clubs up on the site.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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