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Our first day in Koh Phi Phi. Lots of Chang, lots of fun and new friends.

How To Not Sleep In Your Room In Koh Phi Phi

After our day at the chill out bars of the beach, a few drinking games with new people we had met and still no back pack (just my little rucksack with all my essentials) Scotty and I ambled around in a semi tipsy stupor looking for food with our new gang of people (3 English girls, an Irish, an American and a South American), we successfully managed to not achieve this task and instead found another bar with cheap drinks and some banging tunes and a load more people doing exactly the same thing. It doesn’t take long before you meet a whole new group of people whilst you’re travelling, especially in places like Phi Phi where the drinking culture is the same as in Britain. As long as you can sustain a conversion and don’t look like a pervert I think you can quite easily talk to anyone on the island.

We went to the Reggae Bar where there is pool available and the rare novelty of watching drunken holiday makers beat each other up in the Thai boxing ring for a free bucket of whiskey and coke. I played some pool, lost 2-1 and then sat beside the ring with Scotty watching two girls (who definitely had some issues with each other) beat the life out of one another- this was definitely a new experience for me! The average price for a bucket around the main street is about 150 Baht and the amount of alcohol which goes in is completely at your discretion so long as you just say to the bar tender ‘go on just a little more’. We were meant to meet the guys around the corner as we spent far too long engrossed in the boxing so as we left the ring we went to Jordan’s Irish bar as we had convinced ourselves that they were going to be there…They weren’t haha. The music from Slinkys on the beach was too much for us to resist so we followed the sounds, weaving in and out of the army of drunken people until we finally landed on the beach front. The boards were arranged on the beach front just outside of the bar where everyone was dancing their hearts out to the sounds of electro and dance music…I had arrived at my paradise!

So as some of you may know Scotty is a bit of a nomadic wanderer when he has had a few/skin full of beers so as I danced away to some DJ I turned around to see Scotty slurring at a Chinese couple who were clearly sitting down to keep away from the likes of people like him. I tried to convince him that a) they didn’t speak English and b) they don’t want to talk to you. With this in mind he set off on his random wander to wherever he ended up and I was once again stranded on a packed dance floor full of randoms. After throwing out a couple of shapes on the floor I then decided to walk off look out for Scotty but only got as far as the beach before I eyed it up thinking ‘shit that looks comfortable’.

So I obviously slept on the beach next to a deck chair unaware that I was gonna get bitten to bits by mosquitos, sand bugs and ants. I discovered my ankles were ruined in the morning as I was getting gently nudged by the foot of a Thai local politely asking me to get up and move to another area. After finding an orange smoothie to get more vitamins in my body I whipped out the laptop to try and talk of my experience. After two hours I went to look for Scotty again and found him slumped in the comfy chair where we began our day and we quite literally hunted for food once again. It turns out he slept 400 metres up the beach from me and got the same gentle foot and was kicked around the beach four times…Unlucky for him!!Haha.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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