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How to Wii $250

During our first (and main for now) day around Perth we were approached on the street by a girl working for Citibank offering us to win $250. Me being the sceptic I immediately thought this was some sort of scam or impossible to win and so didn’t really think much of it. We asked what we had to do to get this ‘$250’ and were told if we could beat the score on Wii Basket Ball then we would win. I enquired to the score to beat and it was 17. Having played this before I knew that the maximum was 30, now for anyone who knows me they could tell you I am not arrogant in the slightest (in fact more self deprecating) but I thought I could defiantly beat it, so I thought I’d give it a blast. On entry to the bank we started to ask a few other questions to find the catch. Catch number one was that you had to open a bank account with them in order to get the money (as they would pay it into that account). Seeing as though I would need an Aussie bank account to get paid into at some point anyway this wasn’t too big a deal. Catch 2 was that I didn’t have to beat 17, I had to get the highest score for the day and so if I beat 17 I would end up opening an account and may find someone had beaten me later and I would get nothing. As luck would have it I needed an Australian address to get the account and so we would have to go and get our friend Ashley’s address and come back later with the forms, meaning if I beat the score I could make sure no none had beaten me before opening the account……pretty cunning for us (or more lucky as we only realised this after walking away). Anyway enough of the logistics. My wasted evenings getting drunk with my Housemate Barry O’Hare finally paid off as we battled with each other to beat each other’s scores at Wii Basketball whilst chucking down numerous lagers and spirits. To win I was allowed 2 goes, but after the first I had scored 22……….now leaving at this point again meant if I came back later I had one more go up my sleeve to beat anyone who had also found the pleasures of drunken Wii sports games. Long story short, we came back later with the address and 22 was still top of the board……account opened……$250 on it’s way.

Just in case anyone had ever doubted how nice a friend I am (cough cough) I kindly offered to give half of it to Ian seeing as we are travel buddies………true bromance!!!!

Anyhow, if anything goes wrong with this I’ll be sure to let you know.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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