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The view out onto the streets of Vientiane.

How We Got From Vang Vieng To Vientiane

Well we have just arrived in Vientiane after enduring an extremely slow and bumpy ride through the mountains from Vang Vieng. The hills/mountains were a lush green and covered heavily in vegetation from base to tip. Along the roadside in the early parts of the 4 hour bus ride were many shanty houses with villagers sitting down cooking with one another, nearly all of which had a smile on their face which was very refreshing to see. Dogs and children just played in the streets without a care in the world and all that was needed was a couple of cheeky toots of the horn from the driver to get them to move.

The humidity was quite extreme today and especially sticky when the bus we travelled in had touch and go air-con and plastic covers on the seats ;). The roads are dusty and partly tarmacked on the corners presumably due to the nature of the hills and winds in the roads. I went through about 5-6 different positions on the seat next to Scott trying to get comfortable and amazingly I’m pretty sure I achieved 30 mins kip. We stopped off at a little shop with a small range of food to eat at the half way point which was a sigh of relief because not only do you get extremely thirsty but also extremely hungry!

We finally stopped off after the four hours at the Vientiane bus station where we were a bit disorientated and confused. But that’s the nature of the game I guess so we asked a local taxi driver how far we were from the centre and he gave us a swift answer. For 10000 Kip each he would take us to central Vientiane which was 11km away. So all in all the total cost to get from the guest house in Vang Vieng to the guest house where I’m sitting now cost 55000 Kip which is less than what we are paying for our one night here tonight (130000). So all in all an absolute bargain and some great scenery to be seen on the way. We are maybe meeting up with two Dutch girls we met in Vang Vieng (Linde and Babette)  this evening so it just goes to show how similar the routes around certain countries are. My first impression of Vientiane is very clean, lots of quirky restaurants, happy faces and great weather…Let’s see what the night brings.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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