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Jeep, Pizza & Thai Kick Boxing

As the evening drew in we took to our hut to chill out with a classic past time of ours, watching stupid YouTube clips and having a beer. Got to recommend this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSEYXWmEse8

It gets better the further in you go. Was loving the Napoleon Dynamite one, the simple stupid ones are the best!

Anyway we were due to be picked up tonight by Nelly (our new French friend) and her friends Jeff, Alexander and his sister (apologies forgotten her name).We jumped in the back of the jeep (the ‘pick up’ type part) and drove down into town. This could have been a hard evening had we not have had Nelly to interpret for us all as I speak no French, Ian is now believing he can speak it a bit due to his recent lesson from Nelly, and the other spoke little or no English. As it happens it was a great evening. If only proving language is just one barrier and there are ways around this. Much of the banter came from everyone’s attempts to learn and speak each other’s languages.

We all went to a fantastic pizzeria called Boomerang Pizza in Lamai. Due to being whizzed down in a jeep I have no real idea how we got there but it isn’t too far from the Thai boxing ring and as always mother Google will guide you. I had a bolognaise pizza which was awesome and the others feasted on margarita, linguine, and something I believe was called Noki (note: if you are vegetarian be sure to let them know you don’t want meat in the Noki……as Nelly found out). The woman who runs the place is an absolute legend, so friendly and great banter. Made us all feel welcome and laugh a lot.

As far as the prices we have been used to paying for food so far, this was one of the more expensive meals we have indulged in, with each pizza being roughly priced around 200 Baht (Around £4), which if we are honest, by English prices is still pretty good. Wine was served by the half litre and cost 400 Baht a pop, typical Thomo opted for this, what with his new found French wanabe status.

From the meal we took a stroll down the street. Now it must be said that the original intention of this stroll was for members of our party to go and check out the lady boys dancing around in the bars down the road, but as it happened we came across a free Thai boxing night just off the main strip in the open air we had been told about earlier that evening. All you needed to pay for was any drinks you wanted, and as to be expected they had been marked up in price to suite. So where as you would generally get a 660ml bottle of Chang for say 80 Baht, you would now be paying 100 Baht for a 330ml.

The Thai kick boxing was wicked and actually a lot more brutal than we had thought. We have managed to get some video footage, not sure how good it is or when we will get it up but we’ll try our best. It started with a couple of young kids, around 14-15 kicking the shit out of each other until eventually one of them got knocked down in the second round and couldn’t get back up. This was the case for the next 2matches we saw, one of which was between what appeared to be a girl in her late teens and a woman in her thirties. The respect they have for each other during the fights is very commendable and the lead up is full of bowing and respects being paid.

During the fights it became quickly apparent that many of the ‘women’ serving drinks were in fact lady boys, one of which took a very keen shine for a certain Haribo Headed, Sparrow legged, beaky Brit, aka Ian. Lets just say she wasn’t shy about showing her affection and continued to rub herself against him and make a oral sex gestures. Don’t worry though people I have a photo of the two loves birds and this will defiantly be making it’s way onto the website when we get to that.

That was about it for that evening, all in all a good one.

Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Wowza…love reading through these – literally every post makes me actually LOL each time at some point. Yous NEED to get some photos in there as well with some captions as I just need to SEE some of these things which you describe! (your faces need not be in them – unless necessary… 😛 ) Looks like youa re having a fab time – keep it up guys – love it! xx

  2. Scotty dog warned you about all the lady boys! Just make sure you keep an eye on Thomo. 😉