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Khaosan Road, Ping Pong Show And The London Lady Killer

I have woken up this morning sweating it up to the max, a combination of dehydration (due to not bringing water to bed with me), still wearing my clothes from the night before (genie pants and a white t-shirt) and the fact that the fan was put on setting 2 out of 4 (it was like having someone breathe warm air on me it was that weak).

My mouth tasted dank, as we purchased some shit attempt at western food from the 7/11 at the bottom of our street last night – a chicken pastry slice, 2 pizzas, a packet of lobster crisps and 4 frankfurters! What on earth were we doing (actually thinking about it was 4am or so and no street vendors were about so we tapped up 7/11). Last night was our big night out before heading down south to Koh Samui so all we have to do today is book our tickets from the tourist stall we checked out yesterday and compare some prices between a few others (can’t hurt). But to be honest we are looking at around 500 baht to get a VIP bus with air conditioning all the way down and a boat across to the island. This is a stupid price, so today will be interesting to see today how many extra price tags they add onto that but hopefully we will be ok! In the time it has taken me to write these few words with a hangover (Changover) I have destroyed 500L of water and two paracetamol, so with any luck this teamed with my awesome 30 minute cold shower and major session on my teeth could be my lucky cure to erase this feeling of woe!

Last night we began by drinking a few large 55 baht Leo beers at our guest house (The Apple), slipped into our flip flops and hit the strip. We were drawn to our first bar by the fact it had live acoustic music on the street and lots of very chilled out people sitting outside. The deal for the night was buy 3 small beers of either  Chang, Tiger or Leo and get the forth one free. So at a rather pricey rate of 80 baht per bottle we thought sod it and took on the deal, kicked back and enjoyed the set. The guy who was playing the guitar was of Thai origin but I remember thinking and even saying to Scott he has an amazingly western voice and nailed basically every cover song which he played. As we had no plan for the evening really other than go and watch a ‘Ping Pong Show’ we ambled up Khaosan Road for a few hundred yards before I was drawn in once again by the insect stand where there was an of maybe 6-8 different insects and I think from what I can remember an overly deep fried frog selection. We both opted for the crickets which were about an inch and a half long and again deep fried with a kind of spice added to them to make them more tolerable (we didn’t ask for this however). They tasted great and we took our best tourist photos of ourselves eating them somewhere outside either KFC or another 7/11. Part two coming soon after I get to Koh Samui!! J

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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