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Koh Pangang…What The F**K Happened!!! Haha

Kavos and Ibiza on crack!! This was off season as well…So for breakfast there was Chang and something from the rather continental menu. However, because I think people who stayed at this kind of resort (Coral Bungalows) only know what a hamburger is, it allowed the already criminally cheap Thai food to become even cheaper (20% off all the time). This made me extremely happy as I have now fallen in love with the Thai cuisine to the point where I have forgotten the taste of British food. I was paying around 60 baht for a Panang curry as opposed to 150 baht for a lasagne which from the picture looked like a radioactive obscenity that I couldn’t believe was edible.

The resort itself was a great little setup and catered for absolutely everything a pissed up nightmare could ever want…to be fair it was very different and refreshing to get there from Koh Tao which was very very sleepy with an intense direct heat from the sun.

Right this minute I’m sitting on a VIP bus which we paid for earlier today for the cost of 400 baht to get us direct to Chiang Mai. So I’m using this time to catch up on some blog posts and recollect the activities which took place no longer than 48 hours ago in Koh Pangang. It’s interesting just how time consuming writing an online blog is but it is also a great way to document your memories and keep people in the loop, especially your family and friends. I was talking to Scott only 3 hours ago about when we were first in Bangkok and both of us were already forgetting whole days of activities, this is not what I want at all so it’s very important for me to take the time/advantage of sitting in an air conditioned bus for a further 12 hours to catch up on what has happened or is coming up (like I am right now :-p). I can safely say I’m having the time of my life right now and the whole randomness of it all makes it all the more special. I didn’t know 5 days ago that I would be on a bus to Chiang Mai now and I also didn’t plan on being in Laos in the coming 6 days! Bring on the fun, the mayhem and all the great people we are constantly encountering- It is these people who really add to a trip, so if you’re thinking of doing a similar thing to us then don’t be a recluse and stay indoors, stick your neck out and say ‘hey’ to somebody…

Until Chiang Mai bye for now…And I’ll hopefully have thought of more to write about Koh Pangang by then too. I’m still stupidly tired from mental amounts of time spent on boats, taxis and buses…oh and walking everywhere in flip flops because I don’t own a pair of shoes! Laters party people

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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