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Koh Phi Phi To Kuala Lumpur (and our room)

As I write this I am sitting in our new room in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a fairly standard room, but to us the fact it has air conditioning is a bit of a luxury, despite the fact that we have already pumped in up from 20 degrees to 25 degrees as it feels too cold (If we wanted cold we’d go back for the British ‘summer’ time). We are paying 110 Ringgit for 2 nights (well one and a half as we technically arrived at 4am this morning), which is the equivalent of £22 between us as far as we can make out. I think the exchange is 5 Ringgit to the pound. Compared to what we are used to this is a bit of a price hike, but in relation to costs in Europe it is still much better.

So how did we get here? Using the usual route of investigating prices from travel shops we found a couple in Koh Phi Phi that were advertising to Kuala Lumpur, I believe the one we used was Myson Travel, but it isn’t hard to find one. The cost per person was 1150 Baht (around £23), which considering the distance, the number of transports’ needed and a border crossing isn’t bad at all.

The journey consists of getting a boat from Koh Phi Phi Pier across to Krabi at 9am, which takes around an Hour and a half. Unfortunately this journey came at an extra cost to Thomo who is now in front of me moving around the room frantically trying to get his Netbook to work. As the waves were a bit more vigorous we got a soaking sitting at the front on the deck. As fun as this was it did get his netbook drenched and now it has decided that certain numbers and letters are no longer worthy of its time. I would usually laugh, but as I have had my fair share of computer and phone related problems, so I am actually empathetic towards him (don’t let this fool you into thinking I’ve gone soft).

From Krabi dock you are picked up via a mini bus which then takes you on a little bit of a picking up mission before starting to make its way to a city that we couldn’t seem to find out the name of (sorry folks, great blog info right?)! This ride was riddled with confusion as the company had basically sold tickets to fill every seat in the minivan thus leaving no space for everyone’s big travelling bags…….so my advice would be to learn how to be a contortionist or make sure you aren’t claustrophobic!!!!! I’m neither, but I must admit if my legs get trapped and I can’t move them it freaks me out and I panic……in a totally manly way!!!

On arrival we checked in at the travel desk that the driver led us to and gave over our passports. Here we had a 2 hour wait but the company lets you leave your bags here and go for a wonder. Unfortunately we did something we are not proud of in this time……….we had a KFC, as a warning…..don’t do it, it is not nice at all here…..not that it is gourmet cuisine at home!!!

Come 18:30 we made our way back to KKKL Travel (the place we were dropped off at), all be it in a roundabout way as we got lost due to weaving in and out of streets and markets exploring earlier. We were swiftly picked up a 19:00 and put upon what I can only describe as the most comfortable bus we have been on so far. The chairs were wider, they reclined further and there was more leg room…….one down side is there was no toilet…….but the driver makes up for this by stopping every 5 minutes for the weak bladdered…..and one really drunk guy!!! It is probably this that adds so much time to the journey, but in an hour and 15 minutes we were at the border to Malaysia.

The border crossing is swift and easy. At one end you just hand over your passport (make sure you fill out your Thailand departure card before you get to the desk……yes, that means we hadn’t) and walk on through to the bus which has passed through. Another few minutes down the road and you are at the Malaysian passport control, consisting of a quick stamp, a scan of your bags and hey presto you are now in Malaysia…….no cost to enter.

The driver plays his usual trick of driving for a bit before a food stop, which consisted of an awesome curry (although the chicken was still on the bone and I am far too lazy to deal with that) before continuing on for another 2-3 hours where we were awoken to change buses to a slightly less comfortable one. Another 2 hour later we were in Kuala Lumpur.

At this time in the morning (4:30, making the whole trip around 19 and half hours) it is a right pain in the ass to try and get your bearings and you are mobbed by a thousand (slight over exaggeration) taxi drivers, desperate for you to over spend your money with them. We picked our favourite (how else do you choose?) and asked to be taken to the cheapest guest house via a cash point. The taxi driver came across really nice and on arrival it was clear he is friends with/affiliated with the guest house. At this point we realised we had to pay around £10 for the taxi (50 Ringgit) and then ‘Sammy’, this is the name the taxi driver has given himself, displayed what can only be described as a woeful display of begging. He basically just turned around and said ‘tip’! I think we bother knew what he wanted but we looked at each other and pleaded ignorance. He proceeded to constantly say ‘tip’ and ‘coffee’ (what he wanted money for) and became gradually more energetic and annoying (and almost a little aggravated). Unfortunately Ian had money in his hands and so ‘Sammy’ had his hands out and eventually he won through and got himself 10 Ringgit (£2)……cheeky bastard!!!!

That just about covers the journey down and hopefully there is something you can take away from that……if only that taxi drivers rip you off in all countries.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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