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Koh Samui…Chaweng Curb Action And Sunrise In The Sea!

The next three days and nights in Koh Samui were better than are day of arrival, we were fresher, and less tired and couldn’t help but meet new people. Just sitting outside our tepee at the ’New Hut’ was enough to establish some decent banter with whoever passed us by. Unlike Scotty (who is still going through the burning/browning up stage) I found myself slowly falling into a pattern of sunning up as much as possible in between my new found habit of hammering the showers every chance I got. In 30 degrees+ heat and an equally intense humidity level you can’t help but get into the refreshing cold/warm showers every chance you can get.

One of the evening we went to Chaweng which is like the Kavos of Koh Samui and met somewhere in the region of 10 other like-minded travellers. Instead of sitting in the bar which we arrived at (The Islander) we sat in a gang on the pavement just outside the bar itself using 7/11 to provide us with cheap and cheerful beer (Chang @53 baht for a big bottle)…The atmosphere was buzzing and England were playing Sweden in the Euros, I couldn’t give a shit as I don’t really like football haha. But to be amongst a group of people I have never met before and sharing stories was really very special and so much more interesting than what was going on at the bar. This pavement took a 4 hour hammering from us guys and it was time to move on. We ventured down the street looking into any neon lit bar we could but it was not looking too promising (it was however about 3am at this point). We continued for about another 5 minutes and then the place became alive again and we were quickly drawn to the prospect of free pool and a clean looking establishment. Never order a Magners unless you wanna pay 300 baht, but remember the pool is free and the company you hold is what makes it count – (needless to say I only had one Magners as I’m living on a stringent budget to say the least).

One of the things I did want to do however was watch the sunrise in the sea during my travels and it was the sea surrounding Chaweng which offered me this random scenario first. Three grown men and two ladies fighting for a piece of the action, (the action being a toddler’s inflatable sea horse) whilst swimming around in the still extremely warm sea at 6am was bloody hilarious. Definitely recommend doing this because sometimes the best things in life really are the freebies.

After we decided enough was enough and are skin had shrivelled up to the point where we looked like OAPs it was time to find our clothing which was placed on a sun lounger underneath a palm tree outside a hotel resort. So with wet boxers on and sand everywhere, getting the clothes back on was slightly uncomfortable but when you have had no sleep and breakfast is looming you really don’t give a damn. It was 9 am by the time we went to hunt down breakfast and in Koh Samui, with their relaxed style, the residents aren’t really down with opening too early- however, we did find one jolly restaurant where we could all sit down and order anything from omelettes to chilli soup (tom yum with seafood and chillies). I had this and a small bottle of Chang, not sure why now looking back, but I remember only drinking half the Chang and eating half the soup. I’m not sure whether it was the heat, the lack of sleep, the alcohol or just the fact that I’m a pussy, but that was easily the hottest meal I have had since being in Thailand. The small Chang in this open air restaurant was 55 baht and the tom yum with seafood (a shit load of sea food) was 95 baht, so even though I wasn’t man enough to eat it all you cannot grumble at that price!

The cab back was 175 baht for both myself and Scotty which was nearly half the price for cab we paid to get into Chaweng in the evening beforehand. I have since found out that they have a cheap pickup which drives around Koh Samui with pink or blue neon lights and can take you most places for a set price of 50 baht- so know your stuff and don’t get stung like we did. If we had known about this it would have covered our meals and drink the following morning!

I’ll finish this post now by saying how the rest of the day was spent from around 1030is onwards…

Scotty – Bed, bed, bed, toilet, bed, shower, dinner, bed (7pm all in)

Myself- Bed, beach, bed, shower, bed, shower, dinner, bed (also 7pm all in)

Conclusion – Lazy twats but still a great place to be doing precisely bugger all…Laters People

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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