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Koh Samui – My Initial Review (Costs And Accommodation)

We finally arrive after a surprisingly well organised combo trip consisting of a VIP coach (with air con), people carrier, another coach with broken air con and a cheeky ferry (which was about the same size as 2 and a half double decker buses). The total duration for the journey from Bangkok centre to the actual dock in Koh Samui was around 18-19 hours and with lots of power naps and sometimes slightly longer sleeps it was a pretty painless journey and we met some cool people, a Swiss girl named Sarah and an English girl called Katharine. The cost of the journey was 500 baht (ten quid) which once again is criminally cheap in comparison to the Western countries I’m used to travelling in – so I was a happy man.

As we have decided to go down the route of winging the entire trip we had no idea of where we were staying or even how we would get to it (We presumed a taxi to somewhere on the beach)!! Luckily for us there was a Thai lady on the ferry who displayed to us an array of different living quarters ranging from fully air conditioned bungalows which could house up to four people right down to small huts with just a shower and toilet facility in a shared compound. The prices for these ranged from 650 baht per night per person down to 250 baht for two sharing in a hut. Well Scotty and I treated ourselves to Wi-Fi (which we didn’t have in Bangkok), and a beach tepee which housed both of us (had a fan and mosquito net) and has a separate outbuilding for toilets and showers (700 baht for two nights for both of us – so 175 baht per person per night). Because we bought this deal from the Thai lady on the ferry we benefitted from a taxi service to our new destination. This was a bargain because when we found out that the taxi to where we were staying was 180 baht we realised that was another night of living for one of us on this beautiful island paradise.

There was 8 of us in the taxi all armed with a little blue slip which was our proof of payment and just relied solely on the fact that the taxi driver knew where he was going. He did!! The scenery is stunning as you pass all the small shops and instantly the smell of the sea was quite literally a breath of fresh air – A far cry from the intense mash up of smells Bangkok had to offer. It was an incredibly bumpy journey and the residents of Koh Samui drive in exactly the same fashion as those of Bangkok. So it was a mental but fun drive which lasted around 25-30 minutes. We finally arrived at our new destination, surrounded by shops and welcomed by a bridge to cross a small sea estuary, we crossed to see what awaited us! If you are reading this and are interested then I would certainly recommend what we had landed on here. The resort which consists of about 30 tepees (say 3 rows of 10 – then the showers and toilet block) is quite literally on the coast – step out of your front door and onto the sand, I for one could not believe my luck as the scenery was and still is phenomenal. The resort is called ‘New Hut’ and is situated on the south east coast of the island, in my humble opinion I would give this an initial rating of 9/10 for first impressions. For what we needed it was ideal (check the photos to check it all out) we will look to get a video of us walking around and entering the complex to give you a better idea of where we are staying).

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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