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Krabi Review

It has fallen upon me to do a short review of Krabi. I’ll try to keep it brief as I know Ian has already written a fair bit about what is here.

As far as price goes, the accommodation we got was very good. Paying 200 Baht (£4) each per night for a place with a swimming pool, pool/snooker table and a free moped is fairly decent. Compared to most of our other accommodation (Bangkok excluded as we really did start at the bottom) it is just as good as any, fan in the room, comfortable beds, our own ‘bathroom’ (it’s got a toilet, sink and shower but it’s still hard to call it a bathroom as it’s kind of open air) and mosquito nets.

We haven’t really stretched ourselves to do any tours or activities here as we were treating it more like a chill out location, but there are a few sights too see, with lots of tours on offer at any of the Travel information shops. We have heard that it is really good for rock climbing, so if that is your thing, or perhaps you want to give it a go, then this is the place to go. You can see from our photos some of the rock formations, even if you don’t rock climb the scenery is amazing in this place. Plus down on Ao Nang beach has monkeys……..what more could you want.

Prices are fairly good, not much deviation from that of other parts of Thailand. The only time you’ll see some higher costs is if you eat along the beach front. This area is geared up to tourism and you’ll find your meals costing upwards of 200 Baht (the curry house wanted 320 Baht…I don’t think so). We went out cruising on the mopeds and stopped in the middle of nowhere at a local place and got a really nice curry for 35 Baht (70 pence) each……..it pays to go looking.


Ratings (my ratings may seem a little more harsh than Thomo’s as I actually use the numbers properly e.g. 5/10 is middle ground and so means it ok, not bad not good!!!):


*Accommodation – 6/10

*Sight/Activities – 6/10 (mainly sights as per the above)

*Price – 7/10 – Fairly standard for Thailand, but still good compared to UK

*Quality of Food – 7/10 – Pretty good, quite a lot of western food places, but if you are sticking to   Thai food there’s some nice little places away from the beaches.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Too bad so you weren’t able to find cornflakes in Krabi?