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Leçon de français 3…Thank you Nelly (Crutchy)

This my third French lesson which Nelly has kindly written for me and emailed from the most appropriate place to receive a French lesson from…France.

These are the words which I attempted to learn in Koh Samui and Koh Tao whilst Nelly travelled with us. I am only slightly better than when I started but Nelly I appreciate every French related email you send me…So here’s to you 😉

Bonjour Ian,

Bon, je vais essayer d’écrire pour toi tous les mots féminins et masculins que nous avons vu ensemble!!

( Well, I’m gonna try to write for you all the feminin and masculin words we saw together!! )

I’m starting with the feminin ones (of course!)


Remember in french, in feminin, “The” is “LA”

“A” is “UNE”

Plurial of “LA”, we use “LES”

Plurial of “UNE”, we use “DES”

La mer = the sea (your favourite!!)

Une baleine = a wale

La mer = the sea

La lune = the moon

La pluie = the rain

L’eau = the water

Une vague = a wave , des vagues = waves

Une femme = a woman

Une fille = a girl

Une voiture = a car

Une cabane = a caban ( same same and not different! )

Une main = a hand

La jambe = the leg

La tête = the head

La peau = the skin

La bouche = the mouth

L’oreille = the ear

Les lèvres = the lips

( Les fesses = the bottom ! “mes petites fesses!!!”

La bite = the dick ….sorry again but feminin!! )

Une béquille = a crutch , des béquilles = crutches

Une sieste = a nap

Une bouteille = a bottle

Une bière = a beer

La vie = the life

La pastèque = the watermelon


In masculin, “The” is “LE”


” a” is ” UN

Plurial of “Le”, we use “LES”


Plurial of “UN”, we use “DES”


Same as feminin for the plurial!


At the end of the some words, you’ll find a blue letter, wich means « silent letter » !


Le soleil = the sun

Le coucher de soleil = the sunset

Le lever du soleil = the sunrise

Un nuage = a cloud

Le baleineau = the baby wale (!!!)

Le sable = the send

Un homme = a man

Un garçon = a boy

Un enfant = a child

Le sac de douche (ahaha !) = the shower bag

Le corps humain = the human body

Le bras = the arm

Les doigts = the fingers

Les cheveux = the hair

Le pied = the foot , les pieds =the feet

Le genou = the knee

L’oeil = the eye , Les yeux = the eyes

L’oeil du tigre!! = the eye of the tiger 😉

Le nez = the nose

Le cou = the neck

Le sourire = the smile

Le billard = pool

Le temps = the time or the weather

Le voyage = the travel

Le petit déjeuner = the breakfast

Le déjeuner = the lunch

Le dîner = the dinner

Le repas = the meal

Le restaurant = the restaurant (same same!)

Un bisou = a kiss !


D’accord, je pense que c’est bon pour aujourd’hui!!


( Ok, I think it’s fine for today!!)


Bonne chance! Essaie de te souvenir du maximum ! ;


( Good luck ! Try to remember the maximum! )


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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