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Long Beach and Sunsets

I think at this point we are on day four of Koh Phi Phi. It’s fair to say that yesterday was a write off, as a group of five at this point, not a single one of us had the ability to construct a coherent sentence or even at some points the will to try and talk. It had been a wild first few days and so it was imperative we stopped for a recouping session, so a day by the pool, whilst desperately trying to get my stomach to accept any food, was a good call. The Days preceding this will have been explained in more detail in other entries.

With a fresher feeling in the morning, we all showered and crammed our bags with as many essentials as we could, or maybe just a load of pointless stuff that just meant I was lugging around a stupidly heavy backpack all day. We went to a little restaurant we have been to before called  Calamaro Resto and I went against my usual Thai food option and had a disgracefully British breakfast consisting of cornflakes, toast and tea. It isn’t all that cheap when you go continental with the cornflakes costing around 60 Baht, the toast costing 30 Baht and the tea coming in and 30 baht, all in all this was around £2.40, whereas most Thai meals will set you back around £1.80-£2.00 and you get a lot more for your money.

To describe our hostel as a hovel would only be an insult to a hovel, so given that we had already slept on the beach one night (without knowing that the other one was also asleep on the beach, probably around 600m apart) and between us only slept in that room once each, we went back and checked out. For all the desperation of the room we actually got a bit lucky in that the guy only charged us for 3 nights all in all instead of 4. It was only 200 Baht each (£4) but considering some of the places we have stayed for that price we were glad to check out. We left our bags behind reception and started to make our way to the pier to look for a boat to get to Long Beach. At this point I must inform you that you do not need to get a boat to this beach, as it turns out it is only a 20 minute walk from the main town part of the island (all be it a hilly walk) and so save yourself the 100 Baht it cost us each (5 of us means the guy got an easy £10) as the boat ride only takes 5 minutes anyway….so it’s hard to see why we paid that much!

To be fair Long Beach is quite nice, if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and have a bit of a chill out then this is a good place to start. The sea here is so clear and is a really nice warm temperature, not to mention the fact it gets to a decent depth to swim. So after having a bit of a workout, which if you’re as unfit as me every entry into the water is, and an sunbath (which is still find incredibly boring…….I mean you just sit there in the sun….what’s the point!!) we got out the speakers and listened to some music whilst playing cards…very chilled.

We had originally planned to get a boat back at 16:30, but as we thought we’d give the walk ago we had a quick bite to eat (a Pad Thai for 100 Baht) and went off on the walk. It’s actually quite a nice walk which meant for some picturesque photos on old boats, hammocks and swings. Mind yourselves on the rocks though if you walk on the beach as Kelly managed to cut her toe up quite a bit.

The view point is really cool and can be found not too far from Golden Hills Bungalows, but if in doubt as to where it is just ask someone, once you’ve been here a day or two you know where most things are or would have walked past it! I’ll warn you now that it is a hell of a walk, it’s steep, bendy and you WILL sweat your tits off getting up there. Also note that it costs 20 Baht when you get near the top to pass on up to the view point. There is a small shop at the top where you can get water and too be fair everything is a fairly standard price so you’re not getting ripped off because of where it is. The sunset from here is beautiful and well worth the walk. There was a good crowd of people but plenty of space to get some great photos and see all you need. We had been warned to make our way down before it gets too dark though as I think the path is pretty poorly lit, so don’t hang around too long after the sun goes down.

As for the rest of our evening, for some it was sleepy, but for the hardcore it was brightly coloured cocktails, buckets and a 6:30am home time. As tired as I was the thought of 2 film nights in a row seemed a bit lazy to me so Ciara and I hit the town and watched two English guys kick the crap out of each other at the reggae bar in the Thai kickboxing ring…….too much testosterone not enough chromosomes I think!!!!!

Anyhow, as I finish writing this another day is starting and so I’ll leave it there. There’s plenty more we have yet to do, not to mention planning our move out of Thailand before our visa’s run out in 4 days……!!!!

Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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