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Man Bag – Beat Mosquitoes in Thailand

OK who wants to know about flies, mosquitoes and bed bugs? The windows of our hostel room have mosquito shutters on and from what I can gather mosquitoes are not really too hardcore in Bangkok due to pollution and lack of warm lakes and rivers but it’s still great to be prepared! Thanks to my beautiful mother I have a little stripy waterproof ‘sick-boy’ bag with all the essentials that a guy who is trying to take chances wouldn’t pack – and I’m glad she did…So here’s to you MUM. These are the contents of this magic bag-

  1. Half price Rentokil ‘Fly Control Small Space’ from like the 1970s (This is currently hanging above my bed and not Scottys as he shot-gunned the bed away from the window so I get bitten more…Well guess what happened? That’s right he now looks like a balloon in certain areas and has come crawling back to the stripy MUM bag in a big way. I took pity on him but still rip into him as often as I can)
  2. The Royal Traveller’s mosquito bands x 2 (I shared these- Nice guy) (View on Amazon)
  3. Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream 125g
  4. Superdrug paracetamol stomach seltzer x 8
  5. Movicol 13.8g sachet for effective relief from constipation
  6. Morrison’s anti-diarrhoea capsules x 12
  7. Bisodol heartburn tablets x 80 (I get this a lot, gutted)

Now you do get bed bugs here and they are nasty little buggers, however I haven’t been bitten yet (apparently I’ll know when I have though). I’m pretty sure Scott has a family living in his podgy ankle so I’ll ask him how that was when the swelling goes down. The flies are everywhere and come in a range of sizes but the best thing to do is ignore them all because they are annoying  little shits (you will soon forget they are there).

The nights are humid but with the fan ‘giving it large’ on you whilst you’re asleep is pretty bloody nice to be fair so as you can imagine this has been on every night and every morning. FRESH. Think I’m gonna tell you about the sanitary system, the art of washing in a sink and the being the proud owner of a sarong on my next post! Laters people! xx

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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