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More Koh Samui…Sun, Sea And Random Crab Claws :)

The first day after establishing our accommodation was as you can imagine a sunshine filled event, and at a sweltering 33 degrees you can imagine we didn’t do much more other than sample the beach on our doorstep and test out the sea temperature. Well that sea was warmer than most baths I have had so there was no question I was going to be spending quite some time in there. Crystal clear for about 100 yards then it turns into a collaboration of turquoises, meridians and deep blues and really is something quite gorgeous.

So out comes the sarong again, this time being used as a beach towel, unlike Bangkok where it was a bed sheet and washing towel. I was dubious as I thought it would be far too thin to take on the red hot sand but to my amazement it wasn’t so I got the headphones in (listening to City and Colour) and did some best effort bronzing. Obviously I had to get my inner gay on to lube up Scotty’s back and vice versa, but it just felt so good hahahaha…Scott was very gentle with his pastey white hands and poor coordination so probably missed half my back so I’m not expecting to have anywhere close to an even tan on the back anytime soon!

We then went out for food where I had a Panang curry with vegetables with a water (80 baht total) and Scotty Dogg had squid and vegetables with a water for around 75 baht. Again, gorgeous food and incredible prices! We also at some random battered crab claws, prawns, squid and mixed leaves from a street vendor, 3 for 20 baht and were very spicy but absolutely beautiful. I’ll definitely be hunting the guy down again for some more in the following days.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Excellent blog! J’essaierai de passer plus souvent 😉