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My French Lesson (Ma leçon de français) number 1

So this is my quick lesson on how to get by in French abroad by my new friend Nelly…Thrpughout the day Scotty and I were joined by Nelly, she loves to travel and I presented her with my best efforts of the French language, my first two words were ‘gomme’ and ‘stylo’…meaning ‘eraser’ and ‘pen’…this was what I attained from my GCSE French for two years. However, as she spoke to me throughout the day I brought out my bag of magic and found a few random words and I think she was moderately impressed. So I sat on the beach with her learning some common verbs, phrases etc to help me get by…I hope these help you too if you are a French wannabe speaker…


My name is                        J’emappelle Ian

I am English                      Je suis anglais                    (no capital letter for nationalities)

I am from Bath                 Je viens de Bath

How are you ?                   Ca-va ?    or   comment vas-tu ?

I am very well thanks     Je vais bien merci    (tres bien – very good)

Où-est la mer ?                 Where is the sea              (Ou means or without the accent)

Quelle heure est t-il ?    What time is it ?

Il est sept heures ?          it is 7 o clock

Il est sept h et demi        it is half past 7

Etre                                    To be

Je suis                                I am

Tu es                                  You are

Il (elle feminine) est      He/she is

Nous sommes(plural)   We are (silent ‘s’)(pronounced sum)                       (friends/close people)

Vous êtes (plural)          You are (pronounced vu zet)                                     (respectful)

Ils (elles) sont(plural)   They are


More to come tomorrow for lesson 2……………Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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