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My Review On Vientiane

As I touched upon in an earlier post I mentioned that Vientiane was a very clean city especially for a capital. The Laos locals are constantly sweeping up litter, cigarette ends and whatever else to keep the streets a pleasant place to walk around. We have found the accommodation very nice (Mixok Guest House) and it was a very rare treat for us to have air conditioning. My second night’s sleep was far superior to my first and I think my cold is going away now thank God/Buddha so I hope to continue my travel back to Bangkok in much better health. The food which we have sampled has been very tasty indeed and the price is maybe 1 English pound more for a meal and drink compared to the likes of Bangkok. The smoothies here are bigger, fresher and cheaper than anywhere else we have been so far and cost between 60-80 pence…A massive bargain. There are lots of scooters, cyclists and tuk tuks so getting around is extremely easier but again slightly dearer than Thailand’s mainland. There is a curfew at 12 midnight so you must be back in your accommodation by this time otherwise you will piss off the night guard which is never cool.

The beer (Beerlao) is about 90 pence for a large bottle from an off licence and around 1.20-1.60 in a bar or restaurant. It’s pretty gassy so don’t try chugging it – it will only end in tears! It is more of a sleepy city so I would say is ideal for a couple who like to eat out and take the odd romantic stroll, although certain areas after 11 pm have some prostitution and odd balls hanging about (excuse the pun but yes there are still lady boys here – look out for bulges, Adam’s apples, larger hands and feet or just a blatant man’s head on a lady’s body…You’ll know the score once you see it). They approach stray foreign men on a scooter with heels on shouting stuff at you, just try not to engage in conversation or even better look at them. This minor flaw aside, Vientiane is a nice place with lots of culture to offer so I would recommend this city – unless you’re a party animal in which case go elsewhere. Any questions which you may want to ask just shout in the comments box and I’ll endeavour to answer as best I can. To the next destination… 😉


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. You speak about the places you have visited and I wanted to know more about the temples and the people of Thailand? Do you feel or see life in a different way, similiar to Scott’s post about just being yourself and doing things at your own pace