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View of the train station at Fremantle.

Our Day Out In Fremantle (Freo)…

Sadly today I woke up with a slight ‘goon’ hangover to the sound of Scotty snoring in the squeaky bunk bed above me, these two factors combined drove me to reach for the laptop and mess around online as I got my head together.

After we both gathered our little see through bags full of basic cutlery (standard within hostels in Perth) we went down stairs at 9:50 to grab some breakfast which I have mentioned before is coffee/tea and cereal/toast and jam etc. The cut off time is 10 am so we made it by 5 minutes and filled ourselves up nicely ready for the day whilst watching on the communal reception television some 40+ something Aussie male trying to flog the latest dietary supplement which will ‘change your life’. As a relatively lean person I didn’t think I’d be needing this so I carried on eating my toast loaded with sugary jam to take the sting off the hangover.

We both finished up and headed into Perth initially to hunt down a tshirt printing shop where we could create our website tshirts for a bit of exposure and promotion. We had no joy walking around in circles to find one shop which had moved to another unit which we still couldn’t find! What a nightmare, so we approached some smiley chap in a skateboard shop to ask if he knew where this mysterious shop was hiding. He had no clue and so suggested a day trip to Fremantle to get to the market where there is a shop which prints off tshirts for you in an hour! The sun was raging and the day was still young so we swung a right and cruised to the station. I was told a few days back that you can get a ticket called a ‘Family Rider’ which covers up to 4 people and lasts the entire day up until 12 midnight so I asked one of the Trans Perth staff members if this was true. It was and it was $11 for the both of us to travel to Fremantle and back. If I hadn’t of been aware of this it would cost $4.80 each way per person so we ended saving around 7 bucks give or take, happy days. The train was literally about to go and sods law had it that we were stuck behind two people who weren’t in any rush whatsoever and were rooted in one position on the escalator! This aside we still made it and were off to Fremantle for the day, once again unplanned to the max :).

Yet again I have run out of time and I’m off to watch the Office with some peeps in the hostel…I’ll be back

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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