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Our First Day In Krabi…Part Two

The first thing we had to do on the scooters was hang a right out of our complex and head for the port/dock in Krabi which according to the manager was only 5 minutes around the corner. This would have been true if we weren’t taking our time to familiarise ourselves with our new toys. We found it first time which is always nice and then realised that both the scooters were heavily in the red and needed fuelling urgently. I tried to ask a local for directions to the nearest petrol station and used maybe 8 different hand gestures and types of word structure to try and obtain the answer we were looking for. We got an ‘up there and right’ as our final direction which to be fair was good enough for us. I took a picture of Scotty looking dangerously cool on his death trap and we hit the highway again only to stumble upon a romantic viewpoint where there was a series of tiny shops and some beautiful views of the sea in amongst the trees.

We had ourselves a well-deserved breakfast at the little canteen which was there which was more our kind of budget at around 40-55 baht a meal. We both had fried rice with chilli but with different meats, Scotty on the chicken and myself on the squid. It was only around 10 in the morning and the heat was phenomenal and attractively the sweat was pouring off me, so the only way to shed this river situation I had going on on my back was to hop back on the scooter and continue our hunt for fuel. My hat blew off twice on the way to the beach and that is where I learned my lesson of why not to wear a trilby on a scooter (especially one that tops 100 kph). We found our petrol station and filled up for 50 Baht each and watched the needles go up to nearly half way; it was shock to see just how cheap it was to fuel up our bikes. Another 2 minutes on the scooter and we were at the beach so we parked up and hunted down some factor 30 lotion and once again searched for some swim shorts which were to Scotty’s taste (Plain, plain, plain with no chavvy murals). This search has been going on since around Koh Samui which was 4 weeks back but there is nothing I can say to the boy- telling him that surf shorts are supposed to be vibrant and exciting won’t wash with him haha.

Ok the beach, wow what a beach it is. Ao Nang beach has about 20-30 yards of sand in depth and stretches about 1.5 km with bright blue sea and abut 3-6 feet waves so is a great place to unwind and listen to the sounds of the sea. We spent a couple of hours here tanning up before I decided to go for a walk to see if there was anything different at one the other end of the beach to where we were situated. I was not expecting to see what I found but on my approach I could see people looking at something in the small pools of salt water so I could only imagine a school of fish or turtles. How wrong I was, instead they were actually checking out around 70-90 monkeys bathing and messing around and as everybody knows the monkeys like their trees so if you look up you see the same number again but above your head over the small pools of water. I was so happy to have stumbled upon this that I ran back down the beach like Hasslehoff, but nowhere near as cool, to tell Scotty Dogg in his newly purchased Women’s swim shorts which don’t leave much to the imagination, to tell him all about my amazing find. I deliberately didn’t tell him what it was I had found as I wanted him to guess what was going on, he didn’t until the final 50 yards but I think he enjoyed it. It’s amazing just how closely they resemble humans in their appearance (some humans) and all their different mannerisms. How protective they are of their young, how they smack their young when they go out of line and how they play/fight with one another is all fabulous to watch and I’m definitely going back to see them again in their natural habitat tomorrow.

After the monkey episode we couldn’t wait to get back on our superbikes and figure out some more of Krabi and its many different beaches and long stretches of road. We had a loose plan of trying to find Krabi town centre which we were told was around 15 km away but as ever we just stopped off wherever looked pretty and tormented each other along the way. In my eyes, using a scooter to get around and explore Krabi has to be the most fun and cheapest way to take in all the views and miles of shoreline and with the added convenience of being able to park wherever you want only benefitting you.

We finally found Krabi town after 30 minutes of cruising around sporting the windswept weirdo look as we parked up opposite a KFC. The town was very small and looked very quiet so we just walked around like a couple of chimps looking for food which eventually we found in an outdoor food market funnily enough. The stall we selected presented us with an array of Muslim food ranging from catfish to boiled something or other, but all the dishes looked extremely appetising and had some awesome smells coming off them. We sat down at a table like a pair of Noddies not knowing what was going on, were we to choose the food and sit or was there a waiter!? We had no idea. I spoke to the lady and she looked at me like a startled rabbit so I had to do the classic ‘point and hope’ technique before hearing an Asian chap saying to me ‘Yes my friend what would you like?’. I said ‘I’m so glad you speak English because I haven’t got a clue what’s going on, could I have this, this and this please?’. I had selected the catfish, chilli beef with extra chilli and a curried chicken all of which were placed into a bowl with fluffy white rice as standard. The result was me sweating my tits off in the already stupidly hot heat haha.

We jumped back on the scooters, filled up and searched for our home.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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