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Our First Train In Asia (Kuala Lumpur To Singapore) ;)

So with not knowing what to expect from our first train ride we arrived at KL Sentral at 13:45 today after somehow losing an hour by not realising for the last day and a half that the clocks had gone forward another hour  from Koh Phi Phi. We rushed on foot all the way to the station and only managed to stop off at the Shell garage to get some water for the walk/run. We sweated out that water within 15 minutes and got our tokens together from Dang Wangi monorail station before running down the escalator and on to the KL Rapid. After only 7 minutes we had finally arrived at what can only be described as a sensationally clean KL Sentral where everything is organised and is the main hub in Kuala Lumpur for travelling by monorail, taxis, buses and trains to most destinations around Malaysia.

We ran over to Gate B only for them to tell us it was slightly delayed but we were 15 minutes early so it wasn’t that much of a big deal and it allowed us some time to grab yet more fast food as that’s all that was on offer (I’m starting to think my ‘staying healthy’ post was a bit premature haha). A rushed double decker KFC disgusting chicken burger meal and indigestion later, we realised we had 5 minutes to board. And surprise surprise it was delayed a further 30 minutes…What a crock of shit! If I’d of known this I could have had a Subway and not forced it down!!! Dunkin Donuts was beckoning us for coffee and the free Wi-Fi so we sat down and caught up with a few emails and general computer geek stuff. It would be 55 minutes before we boarded the train which I’m now sitting on so we can expect to arrive in Singapore around 21:20 and hunt down some form of accommodation again with no mapJ.

I’m pleasantly surprised with this train considering we opted for the lowest carriage accommodation of second class (which for some reason says ‘Superior Class’ on the ticket) as the seats are only ever so slightly smaller than those you can expect in England for ten times the cost. I had heard that rail travel is extremely bumpy and makes for an uncomfortable ride but so far after an hour and a half it isn’t that bumpy and pretty smooth. The scenery is quite literally a sea of evergreen trees of all species, from palm trees to long spindly wispy trees baring a sparse effort at foliage. There are no smoking signs on this train too but this are heavily ignored as people can just go into the space where the two carriages join together and open the door whilst the train is moving to enjoy their addiction! The very centre of the chamber where the two trains join in the middle is also good fun as a small child could easily slip through the gaps and would almost certainly get banished from the British rail system. But I suppose for 6 quid these risks are totally worth it. To make the time pass a little quicker I have just enjoyed an episode of one of my all time favourite comedies ‘The Flight of the Conchords’ with Scotty Dogg before deciding to hammer out this post. If you’re interested it was episode 8 from season 2 and it was a belter. Its power nap time for me now though as Scotty has gone antisocial on my ass and put his headphones in. So until later on it’s over and out from me. Laters people.

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Although Singapore is a very nice country, please keep your wits about you. Both my nephew and sister in law have had items stolen from them. This is not meant to scare you, but many people pass though singapore on route to other countries and unfortunately there are pick pockets that will take advantage of this. Keep your belongings safe at all times and keep your wallets and passports out of back pockets. Bum bags are best because everthing can be kept in the front where you can see them. Not the most stylish thing, but does the job.