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Thomo feeling a shadow of his former self while desperately seeking a job in Perth....we all know he's unemployable!

Perth What Have You Done To Me! HA

Perth and Western Australia for me!! Well it’s been a real mixed bag for me so far in Perth having applied for numerous jobs in the waitering and bar work areas and receiving a mixed bag of responses. The first week was spent looking tirelessly for work on the likes of www.Gumtree.com.au which is the Mecca for buying whatever you like and searching for all kinds of jobs and ‘wanted’ articles. I tackled this site first of all with high hopes for landing a job quickly but as it happened it took two weeks to achieve anything and what I did achieve was two shifts at a cocktail bar in the Central Banking District and a trial shift at a bar called Ezra Pound which is an alternative type cosmopolitan bar in Northbridge, Perth.

When you have very little money to work with you gain an unnerving sense in your stomach and suddenly almost every job seems difficult, I think probably due to the fact that you need the money so much that you over analyse situations too much and get yourself too hyped up before a shift. I felt incredibly uneasy at the cocktail bar called ‘Heritage Brasserie’ as the clientele were the snooty business type who had very little patience and a heavy demand. Needless to say the cocktail staff I was working with were extremely competent at creating cocktails to an extremely high standard as this was their profession. Perth has some of the best cocktail makers in Australia and the job role is taken extremely seriously and offers unlimited opportunities if you are highly skilled in this area. As a traveller I have no intentions of pursuing a cocktail career (as cool as it would be) and so was unsuccessful in this area of expertise.

So this combined with the fact that I was successful as a person at Ezra Pound I had my Working Holiday visa working against me this time. I would have been offered the job here but sadly they were looking to train someone up and create a ‘family member’ within their establishment. The stipulation that I can only work for one employer for a maximum of six months was the overriding factor here which prohibited me from having this as a job. I was feeling pretty low at this point and my options were bleak but with my chin up I went for a couple of beers which I couldn’t afford and met up with an Irish lad called Dave Higgins who in all fairness had some great banter and a fatter wallet than mine and so treated me to a couple of beers.

It wasn’t too long before I felt a little hazy in the head, good old alcohol, and was approached by a German girl who I think took a shine to my trilby hat and puzzled look. As the night went on we carried on chatting and ended up going to Ezra pound just really to say hello to Mitch (the manager) and thank him for the opportunity at least to trial for the bar. The atmosphere on this random Saturday night was great and the bar was busy and this is where fate of some kind steered me towards two chaps standing on the side of the bar. They thought I was Australian from the way I looked but after much reassurance they decided to believe that I was in actual fact British! They had to listen and endure my stories of woe which had led me to this point and in some strange turn of events the two of them happened to manage and own a liquor company just north of Perth near Edgewater. They said to me that if you give me a ring tomorrow and you can get to Edgewater on Monday then you have a job waiting for you! I was literally on my way down to Manjimup to look for some kind of regional work the next day on Sunday morning ($50 ticket was booked and ready to go). I thought to myself that night after I got home, seriously what have I got to lose and decided to ignore my train to Manjimup and phone the younger lad called Ross. True to his word he offered me a job there and I have been working there ever since. Accommodation wise is another story altogether and I will write about the randomness and pitfalls of what I have endured or am in fact about to endure…i.e. voluntary homelessness on the run up to Vietnam to save $600 dollars in accommodation costs. This will not be nice but it’s something I am willing to try in order to have a better time in Vietnam…which is 20 days away on the 13th October 2012.

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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