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Power Day In Kuala Lumpur Part 2

Having scoffed a load of doughnuts and ruined any good work I had managed that day with regards to eliminating my podgy stomach, we headed back to our guest house to sort ourselves out. Being only a short walk we got back in around 10 minutes and proceeded to chill out for a bit, well I did anyway, Thomo had other ideas. To paint a more vivid picture imagine a chimp, now imagine that chimp has figured out the connective properties between a screw driver and a screw. Now imagine the chimp thinks he has magical computer skills or an inquisitive mind with regards to the innards of a laptop………now you have Thomo in his element in your mind. Within a steady 15 minutes he had managed to mutilate his computer to the point where the carcass was unidentifiable….it could have been any piece of technology by the time he had finished.

Now this put us in some automatic dilemmas, mainly because we now only have one netbook between us to write and also the fact that his netbook was somehow able to take photos from our friend Ciara’s phone, so we have to try and figure out an alternative method. But never mind, we will survive I’m sure.

After getting ourselves washed up and ready for a wander, we hit the town in search of some WiFi to add a few posts that were overdue…….and written on my computer luckily. In order to find this we thought we would head to the busier part of town where we could also get a beer. I’d love to tell you what this part of town is called, but I can tell you if you walk beyond the Kuala Lumpur Tower by around 10 minutes (with the tower being on your left) you’ll get there. It’s actually noted on most of the city maps as the nightlife spot. On the way we passed an awesome (yet somewhat pointless) car park entrance. This was actually a waterfall which you need to drive through in order to get in…..if anything I guess you get a nice clean car.

On arrival we walked through a fair few bustling shops and bars and stumbled upon a really nice looking shopping mall within the area, it is designer stuff again though. Having looked at a few bar prices it quickly became evident to us that we could not afford to be drinking anything in this area with beers costing around 30 ringgit, which is around £6, for a bottle in happy hour. We made a quick exit and headed back to our old favourite, China Town, and got a couple of beers for 12 ringgit each, £2.40 roughly, from a really cool reggae bar, which goes by the same name. It had low lighting, candles on the table, pool tables, numerous pictures of Bob Marley and a really chilled vibe, a definite recommendation. It’s cheaper than most places and the busiest in China Town. All this said we couldn’t get the WiFi working on the laptop so after about 45minutes we took the hit and went to use the McDonalds WiFi, and yes of course we got some food (Ian’s ‘keeping fit and healthy’ post is looking shitter by the second).

We took a slow walk home whilst taking a few pictures of the buildings all lit up at night and called it a day (it wasn’t too early, maybe around 1am so perfectly justifiable).

All in all we had a really good day and achieved what we set out to do. A nice city if you’ve got a bit of money with you.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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