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Price List For Vietnam

Here is a list of prices which I have gathered in the last week during my stay so far in Vietnam. I t appears to be cheaper for most things than other countries in South East Asia but there are many things which aren’t as cheap. Hope fully this list will allow you to budget your trip a little easier…

20000 Vietnamese Dong = $1 USD


Cigarettes Marlboro Light = 23000 (These and Dunhill are the top end prices so you can get other packets for as little as 10000)

Bottle of vodka (39% proof and a local brand) = 85000 (This stuff is rocket fuel and an extremely cheap option if you are on a budget and like your pre drinking. It comes in a clear bottle with a blue label and blue cap)

Packet of Crisps = 5000 (local brand) or 49000 for something like Kettle chips

Chocolate bar (Twix) = 22000

Shampoo = 39000

Roll on deodorant = 34000

Street food = 20-40000 (mountain of rice and two types of meat. I usually go for marinated salmon and chicken/beef. You also get free water and soup with nearly every street meal)

Street food portion in Dalat, Vietnam...25000 Dong all in! Awesome
Street food portion in Dalat, Vietnam…25000 Dong all in! Awesome

Bottle of Coke 2 Litres = 25000

Taxi = 20000 (approx 4 kilometres)

Hostel = 160000-280000 (twin room with air conditioning and hot shower)

Entry into museums = 10000-40000

Bottle of local beer = 10000

Full body massage = 120000

Example of how your coffee might look in Vietnam
Example of how your coffee might look in Vietnam

Manicure/pedicure = 25000

Restaurant meal = 60000-120000 (obviously more if you go to a more fancy establishment)

coffee (hot/iced) = 8000-15000

2 litres water = 10000-12000

Price billboard from a cafe in Dalat, Vietnam
Price billboard from a cafe in Dalat, Vietnam

Now this list can go on and on so I may add to it as we experience more costs throughout our trip…If anyone wants to know the price of specific items or luxuries then just give us a nudge and we will accommodate your wishes. We are off on motorbikes today to check out the outskirts of Dalat and see what the surrounding areas have to offer. We have heard about waterfalls, coffee plantations, flower sanctuarys, rice-whiskey making, silk processing, trekking and a wealth of other types of farms. It should be a full on day and I’m positive it will be great fun.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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