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Prices Etc In Vang Vieng

Well in Vang Vieng you certainly are paying for the atmosphere and not the local delicacies. The prices in this crazy party town don’t really make any sense as you can get a pair of flip flops for the same price as a Twix and a pair of Ray Bans for the same price as some body wash!! haha.

The average price you can expect to pay for local food, i.e. Rice based dishes or soups is around 25000-45000 Kip (which is roughly 2Gbp-4 Gbp). The more western style foods like your burgers, pasta dishes and fry-ups is about 30000-60000 Kip (2.60Gbp-5.20Gbp). So still cheap in comparison to the UK but by no means the cheapest we have had since being away. The food isn’t very tasty either and is kept simple and generic to accommodate for the serious amounts of hung over people walking/stumbling around.

A pair of Havainas flip flops can be purchased for 20000 Kip and fake Ray Ban’s (in any colour combination you imagine) can be bought for about 35000 Kip. Needless to say I treated myself to both these items ;). Accommodation is cheaper if you’re sharing but it is still cheap if you are on your own travelling. If you’re anything like myself and Scott then you will end up partying with absolutely anybody and not end up in your room anyway. If you were on good form you would literally need to dump your bag in a locker and could quite easily crash with someone different every night of any given week!! But that’s pointless as you are looking at 50000 Kip for a twin single bed room which is 2.30 Gbp each. As I’m sure you’ll agree that is a crazy price for a party destination! Water and all other essential produce is competitively priced and still very affordable in anybody’s budget. We will have been here 4-5 days in total, had 3 nights of explosive partying, 1 night of extreme sickness and made many friends. If I had to rate this place I would put it as a marmite rating- it is either going to be a party haven for the right individual with LITERALLY no limits to anything, or, too much craziness for the wrong individual. Personally, I had the best night of my life on the second night and the worst night of my life on the forth night! You have to see this place to believe it but I would highly recommend it if you are a party monster!! The words ‘Full On’ do not even do it justice…

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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