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Random Conversation On Where To Go Next And Visa Border Information (Thailand/Laos)

I’m currently sitting here with Scotty Dogg still feeling mildly worse for wear after my dodgy beef burger and rice combination yesterday afternoon. We are discussing where to go next on our ultimate unplanned tour of wherever! As money is going and we are not earning we need to be heading down to Oz to finally take advantage of our working holiday visas, so we are torn between two destinations which are Darwin and Perth. From what we can see online there are a few land routes and an assortment of different flight combinations. Who knows which one we will take!

So we have decided to have a day off relaxing and updating the blog so I would imagine it will be over dinner (which im now scared of) where we plan our next route of the trip…So for anyone who has contacted us and is following our travel blog we will be in touch with personal emails in the next few days because the internet really is quite temperamental in Vang Vieng. Oh and one more thing whilst I remember, the cost for the land visa from Chiang Mai to Vang Vieng was 300000 Kip (30-35 Gbp) which we thought was pretty reasonable. There was an Irish girl called Emma who used the card machine at the border after us and it swallowed her card, so be wary of this and try and take out money in large instalments in order to not use your card as much. There was also a girl who we travelled over with called Babette whose card was skimmed every day from when she used it in Bangkok all the way up until arriving with us in Laos. She lost all her money but has since contacted her bank who will refund the lot. This is just a little note of caution for people to take on board before they come travelling…

Bye for now

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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