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Travelling Tunes

I know what we (mostly me) are listening to really isn’t of any great importance, but as I love music and I have already previously put up a list of tunes, I thought it about time for an new one. There’s a pretty eclectic mix here ranging from Hip Hop to Acoustic Folk, hopefully there’s a little something for everyone and maybe something you didn’t know but will like.

Anyway as before here is the list and please feel free to recommend some music for me in the comments section or even just leave some abuse or criticism about my music taste!!!

1/ Drapht – The Life Of Riley


It’s unsurprising that this is in here as Drapht are an Australian hip hop outfit. Having heard them first in a lonely pub in Hopetoun, I was instantly drawn in by the rhythm and the quirky video. I’m unsure how big exactly they are in Oz but this song seems to get regularly airplay in the pub I work in (The Queens Tavern) in Perth. Taken from their 2011 album release ‘The Life Of Riley’.



2/ Cat Stevens – Wild World / Can’t Keep It In


Bit of a cheat with this one as I’ve picked more than one Cat Stevens songs, but there is a reason. When down in Hopetoun our friend Ashleigh had the ‘Best Of’ playing in her car and there were so many tunes I liked that I don’t realise were by Cat Stevens. Since then I have stuck the best of on the MP3 and these are the 2 tracks I play most…..nothing like a bit of old school.



3/ The Roots – The Seed 2.0


Taken from their 2002 album ‘Phrenology’, this song has eluded me for a couple of years. Being a massive fan of the XFM Ricky Gervais Show (seriously addicted, I listen to it almost EVERY night before sleep and will regularly listen to at least an hour or so a day) I heard the very end of this song loads of times before the talking kicks back in and thought I’d best check it out. It’s a pretty decent song and deserves to be on of the list.



4/ Bayside – Blame It On Bad Luck


Easily my favourite band and has been for around 3-4 years. After discovering their self titles album (which this is taken from) I was addicted and I have been on a bit of a Bayside bender over the past week.



5/ Frank Turner – Try This At Home


Well it’s nice to add a bit of a British influence and after Thomo randomly starting singing this in the corridor of our woeful hostel it has been stuck in our heads and played numerous times. Great song from an amazing British singer song writer, taken from his 2009 album ‘Poetry Of The Deed’.



6/ Ben Howard – The Fear


It saddens me to say this, but Thomo actually got me into this, even with his incredibly limited and somewhat questionable music knowledge and taste. I haven’t really been that bothered on him despite numerous nudges from other friends (yes that you Grainne!!!) but this song is pretty awesome. Taken from the album ‘Every Kingdom’.



7/ Band Of Horses – Factory


Taken from their 2010 album ‘Infinite Arms’, I listened to this tune repeatedly on my stupidly long journey to work when we were living out in Quinns Ricks at our friend Buckers house. Hardly a tune to get you psyched to go out or anything but really cool to chill out to.



8/ Just Like Vinyl – The Circulatory System


Previously of ‘The Fall Of Troy’ fame, the guitar playing front man Thomas Erak composes a mishmash of rhythmic guitar, a catchy chorus and a heavy breakdown. A winner in my eyes. Taken from the self titled 2010 album, which is really a bit of a mixed bag.



9/ Regina Spektor – Eet


Having your music list on random can often be annoying as it throws out some of the tunes you want to forget you own, but every now and again it puts something on you forgot you had and somehow fits your mood at the time. This is exactly what happened with this song. Taken from her 2009 album ‘Far’ there is very little she does that I don’t like, and so far there isn’t a song on any of her albums I own (3) I feel the need to skip.



10/ Rusko – Cockney Thug


With an opening dialogue from Snatch along with a sample throughout the song, you can’t help but love this electro tune. I’m not massively into electronic music (hence the fact I reference it as ‘electronic’ because I don’t know any better) but I do really like most of the stuff from Rusko, so maybe he is my intermediate into the genre.



11/ Willy Mason – Riptide


My favourite song off the 2007 album ‘If The Ocean Gets Rough’. Another really chilled simple song by this acoustic folk artist, there’s something about his solemn voice that makes his music sounds so deep. This is a bit of a relaxed live vid, so don’t judge the song purely on this J



12/ Professor Green – Just Be Good To Green


I’m in no doubt this will come under some criticism, but I don’t know what it is about this tune, it never gets skipped when it crops up. I’m not adverse to either Pro Green or Lilly Allen, so why would I dismiss and ‘duet’ (I have to use that term loosely here) sampling an epic tune. Love or hate, it’s still pretty decent.



13/ Angus And Julia Stone – You’re the one that I want


I am going to seriously regret revealing my source for this, but before leaving I saw an advert for Hollyoks on Channel  4 featuring this song. Yes the song is awesome, and no Hollyoaks is NOT good in any way, shape or form….unless you are a thirteen year old girl! Anyway the song is obviously a cover of the Grease song and features on their ‘Big Jet Plane’ EP.



14/ Matt Berry – Lay Your Love On Me


Every list should have something a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ and this combines a bit of humour with what turns out to be a pretty well constructed tuneful song. I admittedly only own the ‘Opium’ but It is genius.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Here are two tracks from the early nineties 1991- 1992

    Metallica- Nothing else matters

    Stone Temple Pilots – Plush

    Both very different, but equally really good tunes.

    Stone Temple pilots were a grunge band that were around with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. A band that sometimes gets over looked, but are still very talented in their own right.

    Check them out and see for yourself.

  2. If i was you, I’d listen to ‘Broken Hearted’, by Jon Lajoie (who doesn’t love him!) Do check it out here if you haven’t alrady yet:


    😛 Found it earlier and couldn’t help but think of you guys and that ridiculous evening back in the day watching hits such as ‘Everyday Normal Guy’, ‘Pedophile Beards’, ‘Rapist Glasses’, ‘WTF Collective’, and many many more…

    Remember boys, you don’t have to be a pedophile rapist to wanna look like one…(Ian.)


  3. LOL – Dad just phoned the house to see if that was you in the photo with all the tattoos!!!