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Roll On Vietnam!!

Today was my second to last day with work at West Coast Liquor and it is only 2 days until Vietnam. It was a bit of a hazy day and it wasn’t too busy so in my mind I was getting psyched for all the things I was about to experience in a country I have always wanted to visit.

Pete, the accountant for the company, is a regular visitor to Vietnam and he has so many good things to say about the country especially with regards to the people and the pure diversity in landscapes which it offers. As I finished up my wild turkey and coke can, the standard free drink which I get at the end of my shift (along with a choice of other beers and premixers) Pete sat down to join me and continued to talk about the best things to uncover whilst in Vietnam. With the way he was talking I am even more geared up for the 9pm Saturday flight from Perth International and have extremely high expectations for what is about to unfold. He has also promised to bring in a route planner and list of helpful hints on how best to deal with what Vietnam has to offer so I’m very excited to see what is on there.

My main man. Vietnam Pete...Very wise and grateful for his input to assist our trip...Cheers Pete
My main man. Vietnam Pete…Very wise and grateful for his input to assist our trip…Cheers Pete

I have just checked out of the Billabong hostel so this is my last night which means tomorrow night (where I intend to get quite merry) i must stumble upon some form of accommodation whether it be the local curb or some random house party which is very likely! Then that just leaves Saturday for me to either recover with heated anticipation or get back on it slightly to take the edge off what I’m sure will be a ‘goon’ hangover. What ever the result I’m going back to Asia and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope to possibly achieve a couple of ‘things to do’ from my bucket lis whilst I’m out there so who knows what will go on! That’s the beauty of travelling, you just have no idea what to expect (well if you are Scotty and me and no plan comes into play). So guided by Pete’s ‘list’ amongst other recommendations from people we have met I’ll be sure to have a criminally good experience!

As for the present time whilst I write this blog entry I’m eyeing up laundry which needs to be done and thinking about what to eat…seriously, one more McDonalds and I’ll cry, my body hates me as it is haha. So an early lights out for me tonight at the Billabong to make sure of a final 5am rise for my shift at the liquor warehouse tomorrow. I’ll really miss the guys I have worked with here and I’m extremely grateful for them giving a scruffy long haired backpacker a try…They have enabled me to get to Vietnam comfortably and also learn about alcohol which is always a bonus. Right, on with this musky laundry and finding some food… J

Come on Vietnam!!!

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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