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Routine And Bromantic Stroll In Koh Tao

Well I did my usual routine this morning of awaking at 9:30 am in our beach bungalow to the loud noise of the waves lapping on our secluded beach and the sound of a gecko blasting out a large screechy sound. There is much more wind in the Mai Thong resort compared to New Hut in Koh Samui and provides us with a great cooling breeze throughout the night-heaven. We have still been extremely fortunate with our lack of monsoon weather and have only witnessed two mini drizzle outbreaks in the last 2 weeks in Koh Samui and Koh Tao (each only lasting around  20-30 mins).

After my refreshing shower and brushing teeth combo I proceeded to wash 2 pairs of my boxers in the sink using my Nivea 3 in 1 shower gel- it works a treat and saves on the 30-40 baht per kilogram price tag. I would say that by this point I would have washed around 20-25 kilograms which if you do the maths equates to between 600 baht and 1000 baht (£13.00 – £21.00), this is enough another 7-10 nights in Bangkok! So scrimping and saving where you can is the way forward for extending your trip if you’re on a budget…if you’re not on a budget I hate you haha.

Next was breakfast where I treated myself to cornflakes and a cup of English tea – it was heavenly and my first non-Thai meal since I have been here. We finished up, got our lotion on and went for a trek along the coast/jungle areas into Koh Tao town centre via an extremely twisty path through all the other numerous beach hut resorts. It was like being in the Flintstones for a little while but some of the more expensive pads were ridiculously nice…oh how the other half lives (although I should point out that a lot of the couples looked miserable as sin and were sitting in the shade!! Mega waste!!).

So now as I write this blog entry I’m sitting in an open air bar called the Safety Stop Pub with Scotty Dogg eating a fried chilli, ginger and basil with ground pork Thai dish. The taste is sensational and the cost is 80 baht and includes rice, free Wi-Fi and some water…Bring on the day. Oh and its 33 degrees outside with minimal cloud cover. Bye for now.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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