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Here is a picture of our very own French and Spanish teacher Nelly.

Scott’s All-in-One Spanish Lesson Curtosy Of Nelly…

Bilingual Nelly is also trying to sort Scott’s life out for him too as he said he wouldn’t mind trying to learn Spanish to woo an unsuspecting South American at a later stage in his life…Personally i think he needs to sort his gut out first then start becoming the silver tongued maverick he’s always dreamed of being. Either way this is what he touched upon with Nelly in the time we travelled together..Thanks Nelly ;)Hola Shrimpy!!
Ahora, es el tiempo para aprender español!!!! ( Now, this is the time to learn spanish!)

I wish everything is doing fine for you and that your knees survive front of the hot sun of Laos!!!!  🙂

I’m Enjoying my family in the cheese country!!!

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the lesson!!!

Buena suerte!!!! ( good luck!!)


Hola Shrimpy !

Qué tal ?

I organised the lesson in 3 parts in order you to start the best way your spanish lessons!

I hope you will keep on learning amigo!!

If you have any questions about this lesson, feel free to ask!

Aprovecha!!! (enjoy!!)



 ! = Hi !

buenos días  ! = Hello

Buenas tardes

 ! = Good afternoon !

¿ Como estás ? = How are you ? OR Qué tal?

Muy bien, gracias =

very good, thanks = what’s your name?

¿Cómo te llamas?

= what’s your name?

Me llamo Scott =

My name is Scott

Soy de Bath

= I’m from Bath

Soy Inglés

= I’m English

Tengo 28 años = I’m 28

Me gusta viajar

= I like travelling



In spanish the verb “to be” is “estar” or “ser”

If you are talking about what something is, use ser; if you are talking about how something is, use estar.


(Yo) estoy soy
(Tú ) estás eres
(Él, ella, usted) está es
(Nosotros) estamos somos
( Vosotros)estáis sois

(Ellos, ellas, ustedes) están son


is used with:

– Elements pertinent to your or others’ identity

physical description, personality and character, nationality, race, gender, profession, origin, What things are made of

– Things which “Take Place” or “Occur” in Time:

Dates, days, seasons, time, events, concerts, parties

– Possession

ex :

Soy simpático = I’m a nice person

Soy de Bath = I’m from Bath

Soy alto = = I’m tall

Son las tres. = It’s 3 o’clock

Es una mujer = It’s a woman


is used for States of Being

Emotional, physical & mental states of (our bodies’) being:

Feelings/moods/emotions, physical conditions or appearances, civil state (married, single, divorced, dead)

Placement State of Being:

Location of things and people (but not events)

Motion State of Being

Present Progressive tense (the immediate “-ing” form)


está morena = she is tanned

estoy moreno = I’m tanned

Estamos bien = We’re fine

Katherine está bonita = Katherine is pretty or

Katherine está guapa = Katherine is beautiful

Qué guapa!

Estoy cansado = I’m tired


Last time, when we were sitting in the terrace of Coral Bungalow, we saw the numbers until 20 ( veinte );

Here, you’ll find the list of the numbers until 1000.

1. uno
2. dos
3. tres
4. cuatro
5. cinco
6. seis
7. siete
8. ocho
9. nueve

10. diez

11. once
12. doce
13. trece
14. catorce
15. quince
16. dieciséis
17. diecisiete
18. dieciocho
19. diecinueve
20. veinte

21. veintiuno
22. veintidós
23. veintitrés
24. veinticuatro
25. veinticinco
26. veintiséis
27. veintisiete
28. veintiocho
29. veintinueve

30. treinta
31. treinta y uno
32. treinta y dos
33. treinta y tres ….
40. cuarenta
41. cuarenta y uno
42. cuarenta y dos ….
50. cincuenta
60. sesenta
70. setenta
80. ochenta
90. noventa
100. ciento
101. ciento uno
102. ciento dos
103. ciento tres
110. ciento diez
199. ciento noventa y nueve
200. doscientos
201. doscientos uno
202. doscientos dos
203. doscientos tres
251. doscientos cincuenta y uno
252. doscientos cincuenta y dos
300. trescientos
400. cuatrocientos
500. quinientos
600. seiscientos
700. setecientos 1.000. mil
800. ochocientos 2.000. dos mil
900. novecientos 3.000. tres mil

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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