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Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 2.

Waking up for day 2 started with a hangover complimentary breakfast, a breakfast which you also make yourself, don’t worry though you don’t need to be Heston for this, it’s nothing more than toast with either egg or jam…..and as much tea, coffee and water as you want……but the important thing is it is complimentary!!!! It’s also worth mentioning that the breakfast is outside on the water front and so you couldn’t ask for a better setting to start your day. Unfortunately this was the not the start of our day but more a painstaking action to get our freebie before heading straight back up to the dorm to crash out for a bit.

After a mixture of napping, blogging (playing catch up as usual) and sharing the netbook due to the loss of Ian’s netbook (we’ve covered this enough), we were greeted by the arrival of a few of our friends turning up after an epic travel session from Krabi. You’d think this would kick started our day, but without being sexist (I’ll try my best here) we had a good few hours until the girls got themselves together (sorry Grianne, Ciara & Kel but you know it’s true). After a session of banter and washing we all headed out to find some lunch and have a wonder around to see what the area was like. Boat Quay is a beautiful location, full of high rise buildings (stupidly tall if you’re not used to it), Bars, Restaurants and plenty of convenience stores to ply yourself with water as the weather was stunning.

****I must interject at this point and let you know that everything written from this point onwards is being typed on the 23/08/12 and so subsequently it has been almost a month since we were in Singapore, so to say I can remember f##k all is an understatement, especially seen as though we had Bali in between****

During the walk we went past a stunning old looking building where there was a wedding taking place. Now this is going to sound very wussy and perhaps I shouldn’t confess to this but the wedding looked beautiful and the bride looked amazing in her white dress and just to butch this up a little, she was hot!!!

After the walking we built up a bit more of an appetite and went for some cheap food, again looking for some random side street and a cheap looking place. We managed to get a chicken curry each for around $10 (£5) which was actually really nice.

Reading this back I’m not really giving a lot of information or really telling you anything of interest……so I’ll try and summarise the rest of our stay and what the place is like in bullet point form:

  • Bars are really nice, people are friendly, but you can get some areas where people are pretentious and up themselves, so be wary of the type of bar you go to, they are easy to spot…they’re the ones with the people outside in Prada shirts drinking cocktails and talking about the FTSE!!!
  • Weather was really nice and hot for the time we were there, it was defiantly suntan lotion weather.
  • Food is really good and there are lots of really nice restaurants if you are willing to spend a bit. If not you can just get a cheap bit of fast-food to see you through.
  • Prices are more than you would be used to paying in South East Asia and could be comparable to what you would pay in the UK, but it’s a lot better than the prices in Oz!!!
  • Laws here are quite strict with regards to being drunk and stupid and also extremely strict on drugs, so if by some chance you are a dick’ed alcoholic druggy……Singapore may not be the place for you.


We had a great time in Singapore and the streets are so clean and the people were so friendly it is definitely a recommendation for a place to go. We didn’t really get too caught up in the touristy side of things and to be honest I’m not really sure what things there are to see, but as a place to spend a few days we can’t fault it.

(Probably the worst post I have ever written…….and that is saying something)


Love Scotty x


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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