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Sorry I Think I Misheard You……How Many Thousand Feet Up Are We?!?!?!

Well we’ve finally made it through South East Asia and down into Australia and to my joy with a fairly minimal amount of flying. Having conquered the initial 11 and a half hour flight over in a fairly decent and ‘sturdy’ plane (I emphasise sturdy as I’m still not convinced these things should be in the air or that at any given point some important piece, e.g. the wing, is about to fall off sending us into a nose dive to our deaths………not morbid or neurotic right?!?!?) we have managed to get here with 2 fairly short haul flights. As we are completely unprepared and did no research we relied on the knowledge of others to inform us of the most budget flights we could get, it seems I value money over my life at this point. Prices for each of the flights can be found at the bottom. For both flights we used a company called ‘Jet Star’, who for the European among you are really no different than say Easy Jet. Being budget you can expect a fairly comfortable seat with a regular amount of legroom room and that’s about it. Any food you want, any entertainment you need, will all have to be bought onboard at an additional cost (credit card payments only). The meals are of course overpriced and the entertainment comes in the form of an iPad which you can select from a number of films and TV programmes, the cost of which I have to confess not knowing as I had my netbook to watch films on.

The first flight we took was from Singapore to Bali and totalled around 2 and a half hours. Even though we all checked in at the same time (around 5 of us) I somehow got dealt a seat on my own between two strangers. It’s hard to say whether this was a good or a bad thing (obviously discounting the invasion of personal space by strangers in my little seat). As I cannot sleep on planes unless fairly heavily drunk, I was constantly left to look over and see the rest of my contingent happily catching so Zzz’s while I struggled to keep my brain entertained with Father Ted and Fresh Meat (that’s a TV programme not a porno in case you were wondering). Now to be fair to this flight it was fairly smooth and given the length of the flight from London to Bangkok seemed to go by quite quickly. One thing that defiantly helped was the comedian pilot we had. Having someone who is in control of whether you live or die (over dramatisation there) make jokes before taking off could have sent me into a panic, but I’ve got too hand it to the guy, he was so blasé and funny I couldn’t help but love him. I could tell you about his jokes but it really is just one of those things where you need to be there to find it funny. So as a review of Jet Star for the first flight I couldn’t fault them…..but I was still glad to feel the tires touch tarmac!!!!

The second flight we took was from Bali to Perth, a slightly longer flight at around 3 and a half hours. This one proved to be a bit more troublesome to me due to some turbulence. I’m sure I’ve been or bumpier flights in my youth, but as I can’t remember them and didn’t seem to be as bad with flying back then, this flight seemed pretty uncomfortable at times. Despite the random 1 minute spells of turbulence at inconsistent intervals the rest of the flight was calm and made for some great views. Flying over the West Coast of Australia gives a great sense to the vast nature of the country and the expanse of ‘nothingness’ (or for the more technical desert/outback). If you can make this flight (or any flight less than 4 hours) during the day, I’d say go for it as the views from the plane are fantastic.


Singapore – Bali:  $417 Singapore Dollars (£220) for two people, booked on the morning of the flight (not bad hey?!). This includes a 15kg bag to check in each at a cost of $25 each.

Bali – Perth:  $508 US Dollars (£338) for two people, booked 4 days in advance. This includes 15kg bag to check in at $25 each.


All in all I have to say I think I am getting a bit more comfortable, or perhaps familiar, with these flights (despite the fact I regularly flew to Ireland to see family before coming away) and given the size of Oz I’d better get used to the ‘short’ haul little planes as I may be on them quite a bit, between hopefully driving the East Coast.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. pilot…”right guys we are delayed and all airlines are planning to leave at the same time and lets face it…thats just impossible”.LOVE!!!!