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Thomo got carried away trying to fix his Netbook....yes he is as dumb s he looks!

The Death Of My Netbook In Kuala Lumpur :(

During the trip from Phi Phi to Kuala Lumpur we took various modes of transport. There was the initial ferry from Phi Phi docks which lasted around an hour and a half, followed by about 3 other minibuses and a VIP coach which took us across the border into Kuala Lumpur. It was the ferry which began the slow and painful death of my computer when I decided to sleep on the top deck at the front with the netbook in my small rucksack. The sea was extremely choppy and the clouds stormy but it was better than being huddled up like a penguin in the lower deck next to the massive air conditioning units blowing a gale at you turning you to ice! Towards the end of the ferry I woke up to find that my bag was a bit damp and my legs and left arm was drenched, what a dick. The contents of the inside of my bag were also damp but I thought nothing of it and so continued with Scott to get off the ferry and change out of my bag in front of everyone into a dryer outfit ;).

It was only when we stopped off at a minibus change in ……….. that I realised after having my netbook on at a small coffee house that my ‘q’ button didn’t work. I thought ‘ok no big deal it’ll be just a little moisture caught behind the key’ and so continued with my writing. 15 minutes later two more letters went down and a few more letters on the right hand side of the keyboard wouldn’t do their job i.e. produce the letter which was written on the key. I knew that this was getting pretty bad so I closed it all down and stuck it in Scott’s dry rucksack and prayed that it would be alright by the time we got to Kuala Lumpur.

For the first day in Kuala Lumpur it was the number ‘9’ which wouldn’t work too and that is all I needed to plug into my password to get into the front end of Windows. From there I could transfer everything on my hard drive to Scott’s netbook and then potentially take my netbook to somebody to check out the keys. But as I couldn’t get into the Windows screen I had to go for my immediate plan B and hunt down a very small screw driver and begin dismantling the netbook to locate the trapped moisture/puddles which were probably harboured in there. I did this and left it for a whole day and night in the heat of our room to air dry naturally and once again with my fingers crossed I hoped and prayed that at least the ‘9’ worked! Guess what, it didn’t and neither did any number this time…I had hit rock bottom and had no option left other than to get my inner inquisitive chimp characteristics out and dismantle the netbook completely to remove the hard drive and bin the rest of it. It would have been too expensive for me to go to a random tech guy I didn’t know in Kuala Lumpur so instead I decided to use the removed hard drive as an external memory and when I earn some wonga in Oz I’ll treat myself to a new netbook and nurture it from its brand new age.

The old Samsung netbook which has produced all of my posts was left in the bin of our hostel room in Kuala Lumpur looking extremely sad for itself and I’m wandering around with my hard drive in an anti static bag wrapped in a sock haha. It’s all good and hasn’t massively deterred us thanks to Scotty having his computer available to hand…So don’t go near the sea or on top decks of boats in stormy conditions is what I have learned from this and will make fully sure this won’t happen with my new beast when I finally get it J.

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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