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The disappearance of Thomo and Scotty Dogg……dun du duh!!!

Ok so perhaps the picture is misleading as it makes it look like something really interesting or threatening has just been construed upon us by a menacing thug like monkey….but in fact it’s just a nice way to mask the fact that we have been too way laid to do anything to the website for quite some time. The reasoning shall be explained.

The first and most defiantly the most prominent reason is our current situation. We were both (but one more than the other) running desperately low on money during our time in Vietnam. This will come as no surprise really as we were so desperate to get out of Perth and back into South East Asia we didn’t really save enough money to be able to get the most out of the trip. It is also worth noting at this point (if we haven’t already at some point) that it was actually the start of the rainy season in Vietnam when we arrived……again, some incredibly poor planning on our part, but hey, we wouldn’t be us if we did mess things like this up. So anyway back to why we have been aloof. Having arrived in Sydney 3 weeks ago with little to no money after paying for flights out of Vietnam a week and a half earlier than anticipated, we were incredibly fortunate to be put up by a couple of legends, Stephan and Chris Glen. We immediately had to search for jobs which consumed most of our time and then needed to pursue places to stay as to not put our friends out too much…….we are like to lumps of annoying shit lying around in our friend’s living room!!!!!

With all the travelling to get here (around 3-4 hour flight from Hanoi to Singapore, 4 hours in the airport and then a 7 and a half hour flight to Sydney), the job hunting, house hunting and generally trying to get adjusted to our surroundings, we have basically neglected the website like bad parents!!!

We will endeavour to get all the Vietnam information we got up on the website over the next month and I think the photos are mostly all there. As for an update of our current situation, here goes!!!

  • Me: I am writing this from the sofa of our friends Chris and Stephan’s flat, eager to leave them in peace as I move into a house share tomorrow with a couple of girls who seem really cool, so all in all really looking forward to it. As a whole the rent is going to be pretty cheap, around the same if not cheaper than I would pay if I was staying in a hostel. It equates to $180 a week (minus bills) which for Sydney is actually really good. It is in the Marickville area, about 2km from Newtown (more info on Newtown down the line).

I was lucky enough to land a job after one week doing a little bit of what I used to do back home. The role means I have a company Ute and a steady income to try and get my finances in order again…..except the $400 worth of fines I have already accrued from parking incorrectly….seriously $400…..mental!


  • Ian had originally planned to try and get some labouring work, but without transport and a white/green card, it’s pretty difficult to get anything. He instead has opted (‘opted’ is a generous replacement for ‘forced to’) to go and start on the seasonal work required to extend your visa. He has gone out to a small town called Griffith, around an 11 hour drive from Sydney, where he is working on a garlic farm. He has explained to me what he does but I drifted in and out of listening/caring, so I’m sure he will put a post on about it at some point. While out there he is staying in a hostel for $120 a week and may soon be moving into a house at an even cheaper rate.


It’s going to take us a little bit of time to get adjusted and then to start earning enough that we can actually start enjoying the city and start blogging again about places to go and see. So hopefully you will bare with us and hope you continue to follow our journey.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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