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The Trip From Vientiane To Bangkok

We were picked up at 5pm from the Mixok Guest House, the same place where we stayed and also purchased our tickets from, and were boarded onto a tuk tuk with one other guy from Australia. We were taken literally 5 minutes around the corner before being turfed off onto a slightly larger tuk tuk which held around 8 people. At this point a random local who we assumed worked for the travel company took our tickets and never returned them. We thought this to be a little odd as this had not happened up until now but we continued on with our bumpy ride to the border which took a further 25 minutes or so.

Once at the Laos border patrol we had to take our passports to the immigration patrol booth but were told we had to fill in a departure slip which was very self-explanatory and only took a couple of minutes to fill in. The man in the booth was a very happy chappy and simply scanned and stamped our passports and returned to us our departure slips. We walked through and a random lady tried to flag us down from another booth which said ‘fee’ on it, we kept our heads low and our pace up and never got followed for whatever fee they were asking for. I’m sure it was a hoax for unsuspecting tourists so if I have any advice then it would be to do what I have just previously mentioned.

We then boarded our VIP bus which is now our standard mode of transportation and this time headed to the back of the bus. This was a great call as there are five seats back there and more leg room than the front row seats, needless to say it was the best sleep I have had on a bus so far on my travels. Scotty the light sleeper will vouch for this because he is not his usual moany, grouchy self this morning ;). The bus took us a further 10 minutes before dropping us off with all of our bags to take through another passport check at the Thailand border patrol where we completed another slip, this time it was the ‘arrival’ part. A few more stamps later we walked through the barrier guided section to be presented by a narcotics inspection area which consisted of one man looking half asleep and a conveyor belt/x-ray machine. He didn’t even batter an eyelid so it was another case of just walking past with your head down. However kids, this does not mean fill your bags with crack cocaine because this guy could have been having an off day – he can probably sniff them off a mile before you arrive!!

The on board film was American Pie Reunion which was intermittent in its acoustics throughout but what I did manage to catch of it was very funny. So I would definitely recommend the first 24 minutes of it. I crashed out with my blanket (which was provided this time as not every VIP bus provides them) and woke up roughly around the time the bus stationed for the illusive half way point food outing. I had yet another green curry but was also very cheeky and asked whether I could have a little panang to accompany it, and I got it. What a star she was and at the cost of 30 Baht I certainly wasn’t complaining.

Back on the bus and another full on 4 hours of sleep later we arrived in Bangkok! Third time in Bangkok now and we are fully accustomed with the ways of the locals. We walked down Khaosan Road again for old time sake and it was littered with piss heads and lady boys, some of which had hooked up with the piss heads who looked very pleased with what they had managed to hook up with…We were creasing with laughter. People were still drinking too desperately trying to cling onto the night before, so as long as they drink for the lady boys will wait!!!Beware. We withdrew some cash from the atm only to hear some loud noises coming from my left; it was two punters getting harassed by a prostitute for touching her and not paying. She grabbed her phone claiming to ring her boss and they started to leg it, she gave chase and threw a glass bottle at one of their backs about 20 yards from us and then proceeded to run down the road after them amongst all the other onlookers pissing themselves! Welcome to Khaosan Road at 6am.

It was time for us to find accommodation and get the hell off that street for a while so we treated ourselves to some water, a papaya shake and a cup of tea (50 baht total). This is where we bumped into our friend Irene and she told us of a few places we could get a twin room for a day before we head down south Thailand again. I am now sitting in the Sawasdee Guest house after having an awesome shower with warm water and the cost for the three of us (Scotty, myself and Irene) is 320 baht. Irene is staying the night and we are leaving at 6pm hopefully so it is a bargain for all us. Gotta go now and do something with my day…I’m thinking breakfast first then who knows!!!

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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