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This Is My Hammock, There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine!!!!!

The trip from Koh Samui to Koh Tao is pretty easy. The boat takes a little while, say 1 hour maximum from Koh Samui to Koh Phanang and 2 hour maximum from Koh Phanang to Koh Tao. There are quicker ways of doing this as you can get a faster boat which goes direct (no Koh Phanang stop) but this costs 750 Baht (£15) per person, as opposed to the 420 Baht (around £8.40) we each paid. If you are in no rush why pay more!!! Plus there are snacks, drinks and beautiful sights to see on the boats. Also we have found its a pretty cool place to get chatting to people. We had met a Bath/Londoner called Katharine Barnett (little name drop there for you there Katharine), who I hope to catch up with again in Laos, and a Swedish girl Sarah Schranz on a our trip across to Koh Samui in the first place. All lovely and great banter.

We arrived in Koh Tao yesterday afternoon fuelled by Hair of the Dog, a new colloquialism we have taught to Crutchy, aka Nelly our French friend. We have again managed to get ourselves a beautiful location to stay with a hut right on the beach. The resort is called Sai Thong and is located on Sai Nuan Beach. On arrival at the pier/dock of Koh Tao you are greeted as usually with a barrage of taxis, but to get to this little hideaway you immediately turn right onto the beach and get on a ‘taxi boat’. Although not the cheapest way to stay in Koh Tao due the fact that to get to the resort, the taxi boat is really the only real way to do it. We have walked into town from here and it is riddled with steep inclines and declines and in the sun (with my fat belly and moobs) it is ridiculously hard and sweaty work, making both me and Thomo sweat like a fat kid in a sweet shop. The taxi boat is 100 Baht per person, so around £2, which isn’t too bad.

Our hut is within 20m of the sea and has 2x beds with mossy nets, it’s own shower and toilet, numerous fans and an awesome porch with a hammock. The only downside to the resort is that there is no Wi-Fi and that from 6am to 6pm the power is turned off to all the huts, this is a bit of a nightmare when trying to get some writing done for the site. On arrival we got some food from the resorts restaurant, which was really good and fairly reasonably priced, at around 100-150 baht a meal (£2-3) and then Nelly and Ian did some snorkelling. This was clearly an opportunity for me to utilise the hammock and within minutes pass out (photo to follow). I don’t think I can recall ever being on a hammock before but I’m pretty sure it’s now mine and no one else is allowed to use it. If you picture a slightly drunk, sunburnt (to the point of now gaining the nickname shrimpy) Brit swinging in a close to pink hammock you’re pretty much there.

I think I’ve managed to start 2 or 3 blog posts over the last couple of days and finish none of them, I’d say it’s cos there was just so much to write but it’s because I’m a lazy twat.  So with that in mind I’ll keep this brief.

After the hammock crash I went inside and did a shower then bed crash, waking up a 10:30pm when the restaurant has closed (it’s not big or clever) and so we sat in a little bar 5 minutes from us on the beach called the ‘Banana Bar’ where the proprietor is a full time stoner and is reminiscent of Captain Jack Sparrow (an Asian version obviously). So if you like wicked looking wooden shack pubs, a chilled out vibe and a continuous playlist of Bob Marley, we’d defiantly recommend this place.

Today we took our sweat ridden walk to town (Nelly took the taxi boat due to the crutches) and had a wonder around. It’s pretty small but is heaving with dive schools, bars and restaurants (what more do you want) and feels fairly laid back. This evening I did some snorkelling which was really cool. It’s safe to say I know fuck all about fish so lets just say loads of multi coloured big fish just swim all around you and if you feed them they get right up close. I should point out the resort lends you the snorkel and goggles for free……….and we all know how we feel about free stuff.

So to summarise – Beautiful resort (price per night unknown at the moment), Chilled out and laid back vibe to island, taxi boats are fun, hammock is dangerously comfortable, fish are inquisitive/friendly/colourful (starting to look like a 12 year old has written this) and walking up and down extreme hills is hard when you have the fitness of Rick Waller!

Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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